Aiyoku Jinmin Juni Kyudan -Kansai All Star Yume No Kyuen [Limited Release] (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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The compilation "Aikoku Jinmin Jyujikyudan" featuring many artists from around Alchemy Records, such as Emergency Stairway, Sabert Blaze, Omoidehatoba, Rapes, and Dysentery, is now available in analog format for the first time! Aikoku Jinmin Jyu Jikan Gekijou" was a fantastic event held at the legendary live house "Minor" in Kichijoji, Tokyo. The Kansai indie warriors around Alchemy were inspired by the LP that was recorded and released by Pinacoteca Records in 1980, and the result was the "Aikoku Jinmin Jyujikyudan" (The Twelve Balls of the Lustful People). Hiroshima Curved Air" is a high-tech progressive rock unit formed by Atsushi Tsuyama of Omoide Wharf and Okano of Sabert Blaze, "Kintetsu Buffalo Springfield" impresses with its beautiful approach by Atsushi Tsuyama, a perfect Neil Young impersonator, and "Aya and Miyu," a unit of Miyu and Aya from Dysentery, recorded a live performance at their home during the Bon Festival in 1989. In addition to the unit names, which have a great impact by imitating the 12 professional baseball teams of the time, the real atmosphere of the Kansai underground scene during this period is recorded on this album, which is a masterpiece (a lost work?) filled with love and nourishment despite its silliness.