Akiba Maid War Original Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Version: Japan
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track listing

Side A
1. メイドブギウギ
2. ハムダダダダッシュ!
3. ピッギーピッグ
4. ドットンバットン
5. 不確かな均衡
6. 豚の企み
7. アダル豚
8. 調教豚野郎
9. メイドに贈る鎮魂歌
10. 涙の引導
11. 黄昏の御徒町

Side B
1. 巨豚の一番星
2. クラクラクライマックス
3. カチコミは突然に
4. 豚撃の狼煙
5. 豚もおだてりゃ昇り竜
6. チャーシュー気分
7. 闘豚乱舞(トウトンランブ)
8. 愛は美しく散る
9. 悲しきフリュフリュ
10. エピローブー
11. 愛、それはラブー

Item Description

The original soundtrack of the controversial anime "Akiba Maid War", broadcasted in the winter of 2022 and produced by Cygames and P.A.WORKS, will be released on vinyl!
The time is 1999, Akihabara.
The Tontokoton staff find themselves immersed in a world where firearms and blades clash, enveloped in a mix of "moe" (cute) and violence, and someone loses their life.
The controversial work "Akiba Maid War" is a major production that makes you feel as if you are watching a yakuza film!
The production staff has selected the soundtrack, along with the original song collection CD that was included with the visual software, for this release on LP.
The content is perfectly tailored to the world of 1999, where both CDs and records coexisted.


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