am3 Movie Card: Time Bokan Vol. 2

Compatible with am3™ Advance Media Player (am3™)
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Product Features

  • SmartMedia movie card
  • Japanese Anime Time Bokan Episode 2
  • Can be played back via am3 Advance Movie Adaptor

Item Description

TIME BOKAN, means time machine but it's also a long battling saga. The Time Bokan (TB) series are a cartoon TV series made by the fantastic Japanese house of production TATSUNOKO.

TB, created by Tatsuo Yoshida's creativity, is a sci-fi gender, wars between robot having crazy and winning design, with demential stories and characters. A great joke to Grendizer and Mazinger big brothers.

Here, the real protagonists are the enemies that appear in all series with little changes in their aspects and names, but easily recognizables: the Captain, a sexy and blond-hair girl destinated by several events to remain half-nuked in all episodes. The "Brain", a thin and toothy man fall in love with the captain, and the big and strong but not clever assistant.

The episodes follow rigid schemes and parameters that will become funny and demential torments, then they will be distorted into new crazy sequences. The parody now arrived to parody itself and TB became a distinct kind of cartoons. In fact during some episode, the characters make fun of themself or parody the old series of TB's characters. The enemies receive mail from their fans, make little "talk show" and talk to their director or to their script-writer through the camera. The end of all series is a fantastic stage-trick that turns each episode to a non-sense story.

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