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The animated movie version "AKIRA", which was released in theaters in 1988, has revolutionized the world of animation beyond the realm of manga. This animation is an exceptional masterpiece that the original author, Katsuhiro Otomo himself, has gained worldwide acclaim while being made with an unusual production system of acting as a director and a script. This book is the first volume of a total of two volumes of a huge amount of storyboards drawn by Otomo himself in producing the anime version. It was once published in two separate volumes by the editorial department of Young Magazine in 1988, but the rare item that has been a premier product for a long time since it was out of print in a short period of time is the first period of "Katsuhiro Otomo Complete Works". As the first distribution title, it will finally be a long-awaited reprint. This is the first single product in more than 30 years. Storyboards are often thought of as rough blueprints, but the precision of the storyboards in this book is different. That should be it, the author drew this around 1987 when the serialization of the manga version was interrupted for the production of the movie version "AKIRA", and it was the time when he was drawing the middle part of 5 volumes in the book. The storyboards drawn with the tension of the serialization period and the dynamic feeling of the characters are at a level comparable to the main story of the manga. This book is a complete recording of the first half A and B parts of all 4 parts consisting of A, B, C, and D, and has a large volume of nearly 500 pages. Since this book is like a "reading video" in which the animation version of "AKIRA" is played back in your brain just by looking at it, the more you read it, the more you will be able to experience the author's amazing animation production techniques. The title of the book, "Storyboards," is the English notation for "storyboards."

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