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  • TRIUMPH AS ONE - Team with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both combined effort and individual skill. Each player’s choice of Javelin exosuit will shape their contribution and strategic role. As you explore, you will discover a gripping story filled with unique and memorable characters. Seamless and intelligent matchmaking will ensure you can quickly and easily find other players to adventure alongside
  • SUIT UP WITH JAVELINS - Every time you enter the world as a Freelancer, you’ll select a powerful Javelin exosuit – armor designed to provide its pilot with incredible offensive and defensive capabilities. Move at incredible speed, rocket across the skies, or safely roam watery depths. As you play, you will constantly progress both your own abilities as a Javelin pilot and the combat and traversal capabilities of your growing collection of exosuits
  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOADOUT - The Javelin exosuits – and accompanying gear, weapons, and equipment – can be extensively customized and personalized. As you rank up and defeat enemies, you’ll gather gear and complete milestones that unlock amazing personalization options and turn your Javelins into testaments to your ability and achievement
  • EXPLORE AN EVOLVING WORLD - Anthem’s vast, ever-changing world features unpredictable conditions, hazards, and enemies. Over time, Anthem will develop and expand – introducing unique stories, challenges, and world-shaking events. This world is both beautiful and deadly – and will test you on each expedition you embark on with your Freelancer team

Item Description

In Anthem, up to four friends can unravel the world’s mysteries and take on its most fearsome challenges together. Shared danger means shared glory, and successful Freelancers will all be richly rewarded for successful exploits. Throughout their adventure, players can outfit their Freelancers with powerful Javelin exosuits, each of which are equipped with unique weapons and abilities. Players can also customize their Javelin with gear they earn and craft throughout the adventure, and leave a lasting mark on the world.


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A Tale worth experiencing
Tales of Vesperia is one of the finest JRPG available. The story is great, the cast of characters are memorable, the skits are iconic, the battle system is interesting especially with artes and the sense of adventure is truly unforgettable. The game arrived with no issue whatsoever. Now with the remaster which includes DLC the content available is incredible.
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Still fun after all these years.
Even if you've played the original game this version is still worth picking due to the new content including new characters and music.
If you've never played a Tales of game before this would be a good one to start with. The story is good, the cast of characters are interesting and the battles are fun.
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Great JRPG
This is one of the tales series that i like the most, the story is full of small side quests that you dont really need to do to finish the main story, but it's great to see the interactions and relationships of some characters.
If you plan on doing everything it can bring you at least 100 hours of game play, the main story alone will have a good amount of that, you can change your party and play the way you want, and there's multiple difficulty levels that can make the boss battles really hard to win or really easy if you want.
You wont need to grind if you dont want, you will be able to enjoy the game even playing with the lowest difficulty.
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No title
Gran juego, muy adictivo
100% recomendable
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