Assault Suits Valken

Version: Japan
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1. It’s happenin’ (リアレンジバージョン)
2. Beyond the top (リアレンジバージョン)
3. Who’s praying for a soldier? (リアレンジバージョン)
4. Fully set up for penetration
5. We’ve gotta do it
6. No time, no shield
7. Mission completed
8. Asteroid run
9. Face to face
10. Not for peace
11. Living possibility
12. Armed ghost
13. Till the crack of doom
14. In despair
15. Looking for the infinitude
16. Crashed burn
17. Staff roll

Item Description

Pilots! Finally, the reissue of the original Assault Suits Valken soundtrack for Super Famicom is here!
Go back to the 90s, and enjoy the mechawesome music composed by Masanao Akahori, this precious gem is a must-have for all the gamers that played this incredible title, and for the ones that are hungry for epic music.
Don't miss it, and enter the cockpit of the one and only Assault Suit to defeat Axis... warning this album contains highly motivational tunes!


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