Auto Dealership Tycoon STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™, Mac™, Linux
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Auto Dealership Tycoon
Auto Dealership Tycoon
Auto Dealership Tycoon
Auto Dealership Tycoon
Auto Dealership Tycoon

Product Features

  • Random Events
  • Sales Events
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating
  • Used Car Auctions
  • Trade-ins
  • Buy Competing Dealerships
  • Weather
  • Adjustable Pricing
  • 35+ Improvements
  • 5 Buildings
  • 8 Brands
  • 25 Cars

Item Description

Welcome to Auto Dealership Tycoon! Auto Dealership Tycoon is a turn-based tycoon game, in which you own and operate your own car dealership.

Watch your Customer Satisfaction Rating, if it sinks too low customers will stop coming!

Set the prices of your cars, too high and the customers won’t buy, too low and you could be losing out on some profit. Want to drive extra customers to your showroom? Lower the price on some of the popular cars and watch the customers fight their way into the showroom. HOT Cars! Cars go on streaks, be sure to stock up when the time is right.

Compete against other NPC-owned Dealerships for used cars, in a used car auction! Attend the weekly auction and let the bidding begin. Is your bank account bursting at the seam? Purchase another Auto Dealership and start banking the cash. But buyer beware, a store manager can make or break your dream deal. Purchase upgrades for your building, such as upgraded waiting areas, vending machines, TV’s, janitor, concierge, receptionist, and much more. Hire and fire employees, including sales manager, service manager, finance manager, and showroom and service employees. Beware of employees leaving to work for a competitor’s dealership.

Special customers will visit your Dealership on occasion! Sometimes good, sometimes bad.

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