Barney - Counting, Shapes & Colors

Version: Hong Kong
DVD Region 3
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Language  English, Cantonese
Subtitles  Chinese, English

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Shapes:Baby Bop, DJ, and the children prepare for the Shapes Carnival in the park. Riff knows he will do well at the carnival because he is wearing his lucky medal. When he loses the medal, Riff is afraid he won't be able to play the games. With Barney's guidance, Riff has fun playing the games and he realizes he didn't need his lucky medal to play and have fun.Colors:When it starts to rain at the park, Baby Bop joins Barney and BJ inside the caboose. Baby Bop pokers her head out to see if the rain has stopped and spies a beautiful rainbow in the sky! When the others come to see it, it's gone. Baby Bop is very disappointed because she liked all the pretty colors, so Barney and others paint their own "life-sized" rainbow. When it starts to rain again, the homemade rainbow falls down and gets all wet. Luckily, a real rainbow takes its place!Song List (Total 20 songs):The Mad SongNumber LimboNumbers NumbersWay To CountAlphabet SongA Circle's Shape Is RoundPlaying The ShapesWhat Can We Play On A Rainy DayRainbow SongAnd more...4 集故事:01. 形狀嘉年華02. 彩虹 DIY03. 數數找寶藏04. 字母演唱會

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