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Battle Fantasia

Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
Version: US
Version: Japan
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  • Be familiar with the “Gachi” button, by timing your opponents attacks and pressing the gachi button in time, you can guard yourself from combo attacks.
  • By combining the direction pad and the gachi button presses, launch combo attacks against your opponents.
  • Launch skills and special character attacks at the expense of your MP gage
  • Press onto your attack button without releasing it to charge up your attacks, the longer you charge, the more powerful your attacks are.
  • When you are at a close range to your opponents, you can pick them up and throw them into the air. When you are caught by your opponents, on the other hand, make use of your timing and gachi button to escape from their grips.
  • Catch yourself by timing your gatchi button presses when your opponents threw you into the air.


After six great wars, darkness has once again fallen on this earth and it is up to the next generation of heroes to rescue their land from the clutches of evil and show their people the light. Each of the four heroes are fighting for their own objectives, some of them are fighting for justice, some for their instincts and others for ascertaining their objectives.This beautiful fighting game differs from games of the same genre by making use of RPG elements like having a large scale story mode. The characters are fully voiced, animated and are very expressive, you can see the look of concentration or fear on their faces when they launch special attacks or are about to be hit. The game runs on high resolution screens in the arcades and is going to push the limits of your third generation consoles. With a network mode, you can fight matches with people from all over the world.

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Good fighter
It is a good 2d fighter with decent characters to choose from.
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i can see what they were trying to go for
this is a 2d fighter with 3d graphics.It looks really good and is really well presented it reminded me alot of power stone how ever the game play is more like the one on one beatemups like streetfighter.Anyone who has played arc systems other games like guilty gear and enjoyed them may not like this.Where alot of there games are really combo based this is not its really stripping gameplay down to a more basic level juggles and combos are far more limited.

In the end i enjoyed it but got bored fairly quickly i really go for more combo heavy games
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Simply amazing
This game has it all. Great cast, great system, netplay, and its in High def. I fel in love with this game. It may play different from usualy Ark games but varity never hurt anyone. Battle Fantasia is oneof those game that you'll always come back to even in Blazblue and the other fighter are released.
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