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A story of "resistance" connected to "2205". Yamato's new voyage beyond time and space begins now! Yamato Yo Eien" (1980) and "Space Battleship Yamato III" (1980) have been newly interpreted and reconstructed into a series of 26 episodes! The latest in studio MOTHER's nationally known sci-fi anime series "Space Battleship Yamato" is now out! Blu-ray volume 1​​​​​​.

The year is 2207 AD. Two years have passed since the annihilation of Gamilas and Iskandar. Suddenly, a mysterious giant object ("Grand Reverse") appeared in the solar system. The Earth Defense Forces fought a valiant battle, but the Grand Reverse easily broke through the multiple layers of defenses and descended upon the Earth's new capital with ease. Swarms of descending soldiers appeared without a sound. Multi-legged tanks landing. In the blink of an eye, the capital was overrun. Is there no way for the Earth to resist? At that moment, the crew of the old Yamato fleet received a top-secret order. "Rally to Yamato! Then a mysterious singing voice is heard. A mysterious man mutters, "I'm back. What is the invader's surprising identity? With the fate of mankind at stake, the voyage of the Space Battleship Yamato now begins in a time and space never before explored.