Beyblade: Evolution

Compatible with Nintendo 3DS™ (3DS)

For PAL systems only.
Version: Europe
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Beyblade: Evolution
Beyblade: Evolution
Beyblade: Evolution
Beyblade: Evolution
Beyblade: Evolution
Beyblade: Evolution
Beyblade: Evolution

Product Features

  • Collect - begin your adventure in the BEYBLADE world and start collecting strong and powerful components by winning tournaments and earning money through mini-games.
  • Customize - the parts you obtain are stored in your very own Beypedia where you can analyse, customize and forge your ultimate BEYBLADE battling tops!
  • Compete - lock horns in epic battles with characters from the BEYBLADE universe. When you are ready, take the battle to your friends and duke it out via local wireless play!

Item Description

From Anime to Game World:
Prepare to be hit by tornado like top toys as they make their debut for the Nintendo 3DS in BEYBLADE: Evolution. Published by Rising Star Games, Evolution is based on the popular anime BEYBLADE: Metal Fury TV series.

The BeyBlades in every Tilt, Motion and View:
Fans will enjoy this game as it was created specifically with the features of the Nintendo 3DS in mind; Beyblades can be launched through gyro and motion sensors, so expect awesomeness in every tilt and motion as the game responds instantly. Also featured is the 3DS Augmented Reality camera making it easier to adjust the view of the battling BeyBlades.

Customize and Battle:
Get ready to customize your own Beyblade and battle against the computer or your friends in a series of tournament and mini-games challenges. As well, famous characters from the original anime will make appearances throughout the game; whether it’s either to challenge the player or assist in the goal of being ultimate Beyblade champion, Evolution takes these exciting tops to the next level.


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