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Language  English, Portuguese
Subtitles  English, Thai, Chinese (Traditional), Portuguese

Product Features

  • Casting the Team
  • Oscar: The Handler
  • Weller Takes Action
  • Double Vision
  • Rich Dotcom
  • Make it GO Boom!
  • Tattooed Clues
  • 2015 Comic-Con Panel

Item Description

喪失記憶的神秘女人Jane Doe被發現赤裸於時代廣場,幾乎全身都紋了複雜的紋身。她是誰? 紋身從何而來? 在她背部,紋了聯邦調查局職Kurt Weller的名字,這人究竟與她有何關係? Kurt 的同事包括Edgar、Tasha、Patterson、Mayfai對案件作出深入的調查,解讀Jane藏在紋身背後的秘密,他們被帶進危險的地下組織,意外揭露了當中致命的陰謀。 然而,Jane在過程中展示出她的過人才智及身手,這更令Kurt與她的關係變得更錯綜複雜。全季23集緊湊劇情,以Jane這位奇女子為中心的故事,追溯種種事件、神秘間諜活動的始末,足以改變世界命運!

A mysterious Jane Doe with no memories of her past is found naked in Times Square, her body completely covered in tattoos. Who is she? Who tattooed her? And how is she linked to hardened FBI Agent Kurt Weller, whose name is tattooed on her back? As Weller and his teammates - wartime vet Edgar Reade, secretive Tasha Zapata, tech whiz Patterson and Assistant Director Mayfair - decode the mystery of Jane's tattoos, they enter a high-stakes underworld of deadly secrets, conspiracy and revelations. As Jane unveils surprising new skills and talents, Weller is drawn deeper into their complicated relationship. All 23 Season One episodes burn with high-octane thrills that connect torn-from-the-headlines global events to a far-reaching espionage mission that could alter the fate of the world... with Jane at its center.

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