Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy

Compatible with Sony PSP™ (PSP™)
Version: Asia
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In a part of the oceans on Earth, there exists a group of islands known as "Paradise Islands" where different animals live on suitable islands respectively, enjoying happy lives. But one day, a gigantic wave destroyed all the islands and the animals had to start living pitiful existences as vagrants. While wandering, a turtle reached a beautiful island and met up with an incredibly small man (the prince) and so the turtle spoke his tale of the unfortunate animals. The king, upon hearing about the pitiful fates of the animals, decided to help them, and so the prince is in the limelight again!Boku no Watashi no Katamari Damacy is the latest new original production of the Katamari Damacy series on the PSP™ console. The game play is very simple; push a ball of garbage to stick with other items to make the ball bigger.在地球的某個海域,有個叫做「樂園諸島」的群島,各種不同的動物分別棲息在適合的島上,享受快樂的日子。可是有一天,一陣超級大浪沖毀了所有的島嶼,於是動物們便開始了可憐的漂流生活。正在漂流的時候,烏龜發現了一個美麗的島嶼,並且遇見了不可思議的小矮人(王子),於是烏龜便向王子陳述動物們的不幸。聽到動物們不幸遭遇的大王,決心要拯救動物,於是便派王子上場了!

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