Border Break Music Collection Type-04

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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track listing

1. Imminent Disaster <ユニオンバトル アルド・シャウラ戦>
2. Apocalypse:Ω <ユニオンバトル アルド・シャウラ戦 僅差・劣勢>
3. Distant Shooting Star <ユニオンバトル アルド・シャウラ戦 優勢>
4. GOLD RUUUSH ! ! ! <ユニオンバトル アルド・シャウラ機能停止中>
5. Looser & Loser <ユニオンバトル ANOTHER BOSS アルド・シャウラ戦>
6. Emotional Energy <マウナ・エレ溶岩流域 α side>
7. 軻遇突智(かぐつち) <マウナ・エレ溶岩流域 β side>
8. Varying Hare <マリナセドナ大雪山 α side>
9. 颪(おろし) <マリナセドナ大雪山 β side>
10. Distorted Prospect <エイオース内部禁域 α side>
11. 滅紫(けしむらさき) <エイオース内部禁域 β side>
12. Hollow Out <マデルロンド大空洞 α side>
13. 纏(まとい) <マデルロンド大空洞 β side>
14. The choice of Fate <シナリオ選択>
15. Magnificent <シナリオ>
16. Indication <シナリオ>
17. Relief <シナリオ>
18. Tense <シナリオ>
19. Craftsmanship~Beat Rock Mix~
20. Brave Wind~Orchestral Mix~

Item Description

PS4 version 4th soundtrack "/ Union Battle" and BGM of the new map "Mauna Ere Lava Basin" are also included!

From Sega Co., Ltd., the high-speed robot team battle BORDER BREAK that has appeared in PlayStation4 in August 2018 and has already exceeded 500,000 downloads is the second anniversary!

Following the third soundtrack released in April 2020, the fourth long-awaited soundtrack for the fans, BORDER BREAK MUSIC COLLECTION TYPE-04, was updated on August 20 (Thursday) of the same year.

In addition to the BGM of the second huge weapon Aldo Shaura that is approaching in the cooperative battle game mode "Union Battle", the BGM of the PS4 original new map "Mauna Ere Lava Basin". Contains 18 songs including scenario BGM that colors the world view of BBPS4. In addition, the arrangement version ". Craftsmanship ~Beat Rock Mix~/remixed by Fumio Ito" and "Brave Wind~Orchestral Mix~/remixed by Naoto Oike" arranged by the Border Break Sound Team are also included.

Also, in this booklet, the comments of lead designer Murai Satokai and sound designer Naoto Oike of the "BORDER BREAK" series are posted!

Please enjoy the powerful Boda sound presented by mastering supervised by sound designers Junpei Mishima and Naoto Oike of all songs “BORDER BREAK” series!

This work is delivered from the brand "SOUND! SHOCK SERIES" that invites Game Sound Fan to shock.

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