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  • 12" Vinyl
  • Newly arranged songs
  • Created by Mr. Yasunori Mitsuda

track listing

Side A
1. Dreams of the Past, Memories of My Soul
2. CHRONO CROSS -Scars of Time-
3. A Dream Never Forgotten
4. A Vow of Wind and Dreams

Side B
1. Sailing (Another World)
2. Termina (Another World)
3. Bound by Fate
4. Fossil Valley


From the game "Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition" scheduled for release on April 7, an analog record featuring newly written and newly arranged music for the remastered version is already available. Enjoy the songs newly created by Yasunori Mitsuda, the composer of the original "Chrono Cross" on analog vinyl.

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The Splatoon 2 soundtrack is simply amazing. The CD included a guitar pick with a squid in it too, which is really cute. Worth the money 100%
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Best purchase of my life
This CD has been one of my dream Splatoon merch for a long time, and i have no regrets. The tracks are so good and the cover art is my absolute favorite!!
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Love Splatoon music!!!!
Love the music in this series. I wish I knew these exist sooner.
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Love this soundtrack!!!
I'm so glade I have this. I absolutely love the music in Splatoon 2.
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ROCK, Change the World, and Fly, Octo, Fly
This CD has:
-8 live versions of non-Off the Hook music, which are livelier, slightly-remixed versions of songs from the soundtrack. It's a nice bonus since the idols don't have that much music of their own.
-There's also 4 live Squid Sisters songs. They're very similar to the live versions for their standalone CD, which is to say that they're better sounding than the soundtrack versions. City of Color is only 55 seconds long, but the song was never actually longer: in the soundtrack, it's double the length only because it repeats. It also doesn't abruptly cut off, the song simply ends, in case you're worried--
-And, of course, all Off the Hook songs, which sound AMAZING!! I don't find most of their songs spectacular in general, but these live versions KILL IT!! Shark Bytes, Acid Hues, Fly Octo Fly and Nasty Majesty all have openings which will PUMP YOU UP for the rest of the song. Some of these added openings aren't very long but they still add a lot of energy, like on Acid Hues. Nasty Majesty is further extended with buildups throughout the song and a very nice conclusion. 90 seconds of pure ROCK is added to Muck Warfare which greatly improves the song while giving you the feeling of BENDING REALITY due to how ROCKING it is. Also, all of the songs either have proper endings or flow directly into the next song, which alone fixes the biggest problem I have with the soundtrack: the lack of proper endings.
Ebb & Flow is fine enough in the soundtrack but the live version will, at the bare minimum, fill you with ROCK due to the sheer levels of ROCK contained within this song, and it may also give you the MIGHT to TAKE ON THE WORLD, END PREJUDICE AND EVIL, purely because of how ROCKING this song is; it is a KILLER blend of squid vocals, live instruments, and EDM.

Also, there's a few tracks where the idols just talk. Sure. And the last track is a 12-minute mashup of several soundtrack songs. It's not necessary, but it doesn't hurt it, either.
Bonus points to the engineers behind this for getting a huge crowd of people to sing along to Squid music.
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