Chrono Trigger (Ultimate Hits)

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お求めやすいUltimate Hitsで登場!忘れられし過去へ飛べ。はるかなる未来へ向かえ。そこにはとんでもない事件、さまざまな出会いが君を待っている・・・。クロノたちの大冒険が、今鮮やかに蘇る!

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Dream Team
OK, so we have Hironobu Sakaguchi as the project supervisor - the mastermind behind the Final Fantasy Series. We have Yuji Horii, the composer behind the Dragon Quest series (Dragon Warrior in some parts of the world), and then we have Akira Toriyama for character design (Creator of Dragon Ball, Dr Slump, etc). Big BIG names involved in the creation of this game. And they remade it for the DS, and added it to the Ultimate Hits series, lowering its price!! DEFINITELY worth the money. Great RPG that you can (and should) play at least 2 times through (trust me). Great great game.
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Chrono Trigger
Classic game, Great story!!!
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Spanning Time
There's a lot to be said about this game. Chrono Trigger on the SNES was the RPG that got me into RPGs. It was my second RPG (right after Breath of Fire). And after Chrono Trigger, that's all I wanted to play, was RPGs.

So that pretty much sums up that this game is very worthwhile. The story and setting are easily the high points of this game. The game begs multiple playthroughs, to visit the memorable characters again and to see the different endings. Just in case there is someone who hasn't played it, I won't spoil the storyline, but just know that the way the game uses Time as a a theme makes everything so much more immersing.

Although most people have already played or at least heard of Chrono Trigger. And most people interested in this release are probably more curious about the differences of the Playstation version from the original version. The most talked about difference seems to be definitely loading times. This is really a subjective matter. Some people think they are unbearable while others don't even notice it. Personally, I hadn't played Chrono Trigger SNES since I was a younger, but from what I can remember, I would not call it unbearable. Sure it is kind of annoying to have to load when going into battle or opening menus. And I can see why it would be unbearable, because even just a three to four second load time can break up the pacing for some people. But don't let something like that detract you from a good game.

Another addition to the Playstation version are the animated cutscenes. To me, they were an appreciated addition, but definitely unnecessary. It's hard to describe, but they didn't seem to fit with the game. People who played the original might feel that these cutscenes interfere with the pacing of the game, especially because some of them are added in at key parts of the game. Then again, this is most likely me just being very over critical. There really is nothing wrong with these cutscenes.

For those that never got to play the original and this is their only method to play it, I highly recommend it. For those that played the original and want to play it again, I still highly recommend it. Even with the changes, this is definitely one of those games you'll just want to experience over and over again.
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