Cities: Skylines II

Compatible with Xbox One™, Xbox Series X™
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Cities: Skylines II
Cities: Skylines II
Cities: Skylines II
Cities: Skylines II

Product Features

  • Road Tools - Building roads is more flexible than before, helping you realize your vision for the perfect road layout. You will find a variety of new and returning options!
  • Traffic AI - Managing traffic in a growing city was a core part of Cities: Skylines, and for the sequel we wanted to bring you a more advanced system to make the city feel more realistic and alive
  • Public & Cargo Transportation - An integral part of a city’s inner workings is public transportation. Expand as the city grows from buses and taxis to other transportation systems such as tram and subway networks

Item Description

If You Can Dream It, You Can Build It

Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into a thriving metropolis with the most realistic city builder ever. Push your creativity and problem-solving to build on a scale you've never experienced. With deep simulation and a living economy, this is world-building without limits.

You Make It Happen. You Make It Yours. You Make Cities.

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