Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)

Compatible with Nintendo™ Switch (SW)
Version: Japan
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Language  Japanese, English
Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)
Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)
Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)
Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)
Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)
Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute (English)

Product Features

  • Quick save / load - A function that can save and load the game anytime
  • Rewind - The ability to rewind to past scenes
  • Slow - The ability to slow the game speed
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Item Description

Shoot 'em up collection here we go!

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute is a collection of three Cotton games that were released back in the '90s for Sega Saturn. Players all around the globe can experience and enjoy this collection because of its English language support!

Are you ready to meet all your enemies and take them down into pieces in this shoot 'em up collection?

This shoot ’em up collection includes the following titles:

Cotton 2 (released in 1997)
Cotton 2 introduces Cotton's rival Appli, the story this time deals with the disappearance of the magic "Bluewater Willow" from the Kingdom's treasury. Cotton and Appli must now search the lands for the magic willow battling all the enemies they encounter in the way before it's too late.

Cotton Boomerang (released in 1998)
Cotton Boomerang is a horizontal shoot-'em-up that is part of the Cotton series games. Rather than an all-new entry into the series, it is a remixed version of Cotton 2, featuring more characters, recolored tiles, altered stage layouts, etc.

Guardian Force (released in 1998)
Guardian Force is a side-scrolling shooter game, the player must find the fortress and destroy the Guardian dictators after it is invaded by evil forces. Fighting enemies with a variety of weapons of power-ups.

Notice of input lag:
- City Connection plans to update the title to improve the input lag.
- Schedule for the update to be announced later.

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Excellent Collection
Physical edition is great since it takes up less internal storage and is cheaper than buying all 3 separately.
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great compilation
A great compilation of 2 great classic cotton games that also adds a third game that is also very addictive its playability, I recommend it yes or yes for fans of this saga and the shooting genre
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Great Collection of Classics
Panorama Cotton: Saturn Tribute is compilation game collection that contains Panorama Cotton 2, Panorama Cotton: Boomerang, and Guardian Force. If one was to buy these separately either on the Eshop or in their original releases for the Sega Saturn, they would cost a fortune; buying them in this collection is a economically sound decision for those who don't was to spend a whole a lot of money. Other than that the graphics looks crisp and amazing in HD and the sound... 'sounds' nice. The controls feel nice and responsive and over I would definitely recommend this game for any fan of classic '90s bullethell shooters.
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COTTON 2 Guardian Force a Saturn Tribute
Ok right off the bat I got the Copy that had an English translation and even though it was fairly easy to navigate only crucial gameplay mechanics which translated not the storyline! So I was told by some of the people who reviewed this that there was something wrong with frame rate and it made it impossible to play! Hummmm well that’s their tale I sit on mine and I didn’t notice anything that would have ruined my play of these awesome games!! But even though I love shooting games I suck at them horribly!!! Also one of the games is not a Cotton game but from what I have heard it’s not only from the same people who did the Cotton series but around the same time! Don’t say that I didn’t warn you that these games are brutally hard but on the same hand absolutely nothing short of spectacular to look at! Every sprite pops to life with brilliant colors and a hand drawn style! I was more than happy with my purchase and as far as those other people who say they these are so bad that they are unplayable well opinions are like ASSHOLES everybody has one it’s some are more nasty than others! Nuff said
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Great compillation
Very challenging games and really satisfying shmup action. Only problem is there is a very noticeable lag, but it is still playable.
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