Cozy Grove

Compatible with PlayStation 5™ (PS5™)
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Cozy Grove
Cozy Grove
Cozy Grove
Cozy Grove
Cozy Grove

Product Features

  • Beautiful, dynamic, hand-drawn landscapes that come alive when you help a spirit in need
  • Dozens of memorable characters and spirits for you to find and befriend. Each spirit has a unique, extensive story for you to unravel over time
  • Collect spirit animals, craft decorations, go fishing and more!
  • 40+ hour campaign filled with side quests, designed to span months of playtime

Item Description

Come for the view, stay for the friends.

Welcome to Cozy Grove, a life-sim game about camping on a haunted, ever-changing island. As a Spirit Scout, you'll wander the island's forest each day, finding new hidden secrets and helping soothe the local ghosts. With a little time and a lot of crafting, you'll bring color and joy back to Cozy Grove!

Cozy Grove is synced to real-world time and provides 30-60 minutes of new quest content each day. After that, you can fish, craft, and decorate to your heart's content!


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Can be a really fun
For me personally, It's a 3-star game. I don't regret the time I've put in so far and I'll continue to play it, but I find certain features pretty frustrating. For others who don't mind the aspects that bother me, it could easily become one of your favorite games. I decided to go with 4 stars as a compromise.

One thing that can be stressful about these kinds of games is time management. You have so many things to get done in an in-game day and your animals/crops/whatever else deteriorate as time passes, so you always have something to worry about. That isn't much of a worry here since time is based on real-world time. You're intended to play for chunks of time each day and quit to come back the next day whenever you feel like you're done. This makes things a lot less stressful.

Unfortunately, that also limits the amount of progress you can make in a day. Sometimes I start to enjoy myself and get into the game only to realize I'm about to finish my last objective and be left with very little to do. You can still do basic things like crafting and fishing, but you can't progress the story. Once your quests are done, they're done for the day. The devs have said they don't mind players setting the date forward on their system clocks if they don't want to wait, but it can cause save-ruining bugs if you ever go BACK in time instead of forward, so you have to be really careful. They don't offer support for saves that were ruined in this way.

I also find it pretty annoying how quickly my inventory fills up. From a nearly-empty inventory, I usually manage to start about five quests for the day before my inventory is full of the various sticks, bugs, etc. I picked up while walking around. I read on the Wiki that there are inventory upgrades, but they're expensive and only available after you've spent a lot of money upgrading the main shop. Even then they don't add much inventory space, so I doubt they'll really solve my issue. Yes, you can dump items off back at your campsite, but the storage is limited there as well and it can be a drag to walk all the way back and forth just to pick up a few extra items. As far as I'm aware, there's no fast travel or movement speed upgrades.

On the bright side, the "New Neighbears" DLC comes on the PS5 disc, so there's a good amount of extra content if this is your type of game.
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