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Curry On Love / Girasama [CD + Blu-ray Type A]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 26-Aug-2024
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The 4th single released by Lienel, a new boy group that has been a hot topic of conversation in various places, is the first double A-side single, and the M1 "Curry on Love" is an unexpected curry song! A clumsy, straight-laced, curry-loving young man who can only think about curry whether he sleeps or wakes up, one day falls in love at first sight for the first time in his life. This is a story of an exciting summer, in which "curry" and "love" overflow and cannot be stopped. M2 on both sides is a summer party tune with a summer vibe, just like the title says! And M3 is a different song for each of the three styles. In addition, TYPE-A includes a Blu-ray with a special video that can only be seen here.