Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower

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DARKSTALKERS CHRONICLE: The Chaos Tower possesses a compelling cast of monster warriors, each possessing their own unique fightingskills and abilities including Demitri Maximoff, the Vampire; Jon Talbain, the English Werewolf; Victor von Gerdenheim, the Frankenstein Monster; Lord Rapter, an Australian undead hard rocker; Anakaris, the Mummy; Rikuo, a Brazilian Merman; Sasquatch, theCanadian Snowman; and Felicia, the Cat Woman.

Featuring cutting-edge technology and superior graphics display performance, the PSP handheld system completely captures the series’ trademark visuals and control. With its unparalleled high resolution, 16:9 widescreen display, gamers will have the option of selecting between two different screen settings, wide or normal resolutions. Using normal resolution, it’s possible to set the remaining screen space to specific Darkstalkers wallpaper that can be switched according to the player’s mood. Widescreens zooms-in on the action so that every corner is filled with the very essence of the legacy. Furthermore, two distinct control configurations will be available to best suite anyone’s gaming style.

DARKSTALKERS CHRONICLE: The Chaos Tower features five different modes of play. Arcade Mode is a seamless conversion where players must defeat numerous CPU-controlled characters. Training Mode gives gamers the option to choose their favorite character and hone their skills. Network Mode allows friends to engage in three different wireless head-to-head networked battles: versus, limit battle and league. Versus offers true two-player competitive matches. Limit Battle randomly assigns a handicap to both challengers, forcing them to strategize their moves in order to claim victory. League allows four players to battle in round-robin mini tournaments where the order of turn is determined by the number of wins and loses. In the new Tower Mode, select three characters from the extensive roster and ascend to the pinnacle of a mysterious tower where many opponents await players. The course taken and fighting conditions will change dynamically based on performance during the multitude of one-on-one battles. Pitting the right competitor against an opponent will be the key to success. Progression through Tower and Arcade Mode directly affects the new Chronicle Mode which is a gallery that houses a collection of unlockable bonus materials that including original artwork and movies.

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Vampire is always under-appreciated but now the spotlight is on as it's the launch title for PSP. The new mode is fun and provide a great package overall.
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Darkstalkers 3 on the go, but that's about it.
Don't get me wrong, as a port of Vampire Savior 2 to the PSP, this game really works out. It's really nice to be able to play rounds of Savior 2 on the go. However, where is falls flat is in the excecution of the DS1 and NW modes. Simply put, with substituted moves and a few innacuracies, it's simply not up to games like Hyper Street Fighter 2. The Tower Mode is somewhat fun, if you're looking for a neat gallery full of surprises. So let me summarise: If you like Darkstalkers 3 and want it in portable form, get this one. However, if you want the power of all of the Darkstalkers games, get the Darkstalkers Collection for the PS2 instead.
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No title
I only played the game once and it was my first Vampire Hunter\'s game, but I didn\'t really enjoy it. My friend had it as well and traded it in and he has actually played other VH/DarkStalkers games before.

The game looks pretty, but the controls aren\'t the best. Even things like jumping at an angle aren\'t always executed when you press up and forward on the D pad.

I couldn\'t figure out any specials other than the five-versions-of-you-attack-back-to-back-while-glowing one. I doubt I\'ll ever pick it up again.

But hey, I\'m a guilty gear fan, so maybe I\'m a little biased.
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Since you can not get Tekken 5 for your PSP (at least for now), this game is the next best thing! Excellent graphics.
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