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Darkstar One
Darkstar One
Darkstar One
Darkstar One
Darkstar One

Product Features

  • A vast, simulated universe with many unique races, space ships and battle tactics
  • Elaborate story, related by more than fifty minutes of video sequences
  • Configure and upgrade your ship, Darkstar One, any way you choose: build a fast attack ship with many light weapons or a near-invincible cruiser with heavy weaponry
  • Over two hundred different weapons, shields and equipment items
  • Rockets, torpedoes and mines feature special tactical uses: mines can fire at opponents or distract approaching missiles
  • The "Spell Weapon": A special weapon with a powerful effect similar to certain spells in role-playing games. This weapon becomes increasingly versatile throughout the game and greatly increases tactical options
  • Acquire weapons from other races: Mount distinctive weapons from other races on "Darkstar One," each featuring unique functions that require different battle tactics
  • Embark on special missions: explore canyons or even underground on unknown worlds
  • Freedom of choice: earn credits in many ways: fighting, piracy, assignments, smuggling, trading, escorting, transporting, rewards, and more
  • Play as the "good" or the "bad" guy and take advantage of political disputes

Item Description

Darkstar One offers a fantastic amount of freedom of choice. The story-based missions gradually lead you deeper into the galaxy to new races, new technologies, and ever stronger opponents.

Explore a vast array of solar systems in search of hidden artifacts of ancient races, essential objects for upgrading your ship - the Darkstar One.

In addition to artifacts, acquire credits to purchase better equipment, such as weapons and shields. Earn credits in a myriad of ways: by taking on assignments, bounty hunting, piracy, smuggling, trading, escorting, transporting, rewards, and more.

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