Days of Memories

Compatible with Nintendo DS™ (NDS™)
Version: Japan
Works on all systems sold worldwide, a correct regional account may be required for online features.
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Product Features

  • You can view the illustrations of a related event as many times as you want after you have cleared it.
  • Character endings can be viewed as many times as you desire after you have cleared a character. Fill up the slots and create memories with the girls.
  • After clearing the game, all music pieces will become available to you in the sound mode, so capture the hearts of the girls and enjoy the compositions.

Item Description

Beautiful female warriors and other charming girls from SNK games make their appearances in this innovative dating simulation game. The software is a complete collection of the Days of Memories series, it include Days of Memories 1 - Boku to kanojo no atsui natsu, Days of Memories 2 - Boku no ichiban taisetsu na kimi e and Days of Memories 3 – Ooedo renai emaki.The first game depicts the adventures of the male lead (player character) and the the female cast. During the last summer of high school, the player has a premonition that something will happen between himself and the girls he came to know and became friends with. The second game takes place three years after the first installment, where the player character Amaki Yuu is a university student in Kiyomine University. There are no particular storyline to follow since your story with the girls are complete up to you to decide.The third installment breaks off from the first two installments by staging the game in the Edo period. The keyword of this game is “Samurai Spirits”. The ronin Daisuke (player character) travels from town to town aimlessly to train as a samurai. Aside from plotting your own love story with the beautiful female characters, this time, you enter duels as a samurai.

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