Deluxe Treasured Edition Gridman Universe Super Complete Works

Version: Japan
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Gridman Universe Super Complete Works has finally been released!

For the first time in the history of TV-kun's complete works, this is an exquisite set of three books.
First of all, "Gridman Universe Super Complete Works" is A book that explains everything about the movie version of "Gridman Universe".A pin-up drawn by TRIGGER and a character illustration drawn by director Satoshi Amemiya. Furthermore, this is the only complete collection where you can read Yume Mizusawa's completely newly written short stories. A complete introduction to the story and characters.A special interview with director Satoshi Amemiya about the top 5 topics, full of untold stories that can only be read here.Interview with Keiichi Hasegawa, Shinji Nishikawa, Yuki Mutaguchi, Masaru Sakamoto, and Hiroyasu Shibuya.
The second book is ``Gridman Universe Character Concept Design Collection'' with over 80 full-color pages.
In addition, this volume of "SSSS.GRIDMAN Character Concept Design Collection" is even more amazing, with over 160 full-color pages.Both released concept designs such as heroes, mecha, and people. A miraculous 3-book set with the full cooperation of Tsuburaya Productions and Trigger!
This is a must-have collection for fans!


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