DevaShard: At First Light (Issue No. 1)

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  • The beginning of an epic story
  • Inspired by Indian mythology
  • 54 full colour gloss laminated pages with artbook-like images
  • Handy format: 26x16.5 cm
  • Now shipping as first revision

Item Description

Hong Kong’s first ever publisher of international graphic novels and comic books is releasing its premier graphic novel DevaShard in late April 2008.

Play-Asia.com customers will get it even earlier! As official online partner, all preorders at Play-Asia will be shipped out not later than 10th of March.

Inspired by Asian mythology, but presented in a slick modern format, this book is truly the first of its kind.

Having taken just over a year to produce the first issue, the artwork is naturally of the highest quality and the storyline is both deep and inspiring. It spans a series of 25 books in total, with a new episode coming out every 2 months and a special collectors’ edition at the end of every year.

The synopsis:

“It is only when shrouded by darkness that a hero may truly shine.

This is Bhumi. A land where the silhouettes of colossal beasts can be seen stalking across the horizon; where great warriors command terrifying magic, capable of devastating entire armies. A land where Gods and Demons stand shoulder-to-shoulder - eclipsing man; where fate and destiny twist the lives of would-be heroes as they plot their course to greatness.

Above all else, Bhumi is a world divided.

For the most part, the 17 regions of Bhumi have learnt to coexist harmoniously. Enjoying a peaceful existence that has lasted a great many years.

One small, unnamed province in the southwest threatens to usurp the peace enjoyed by the world of man. Home to a race known only as the Darkseers, whispers spread like wildfire from this nameless place, permeating Bhumi – telling of a terrible conflict that cannot and must not be avoided.

These Darkseers have turned their attention to an area known as the shallows.

An unyielding, fervent darkness threatens to extinguish the life of all that it conceals. One man, a benevolent Demon-King that has sworn to protect Bhumi stands at the front of a small army dedicated to ebbing the flow of this evil.”

Produced totally in-house by a multi-national team of Eastern and Western artists and writers, these promise to be valuable collectors’ items one day, so get your hands on DevaShard issue one today!

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