Di Gi Charat Nyo! Volume 1

Version: US
DVD Region 1
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Product Languages

Language  English, Japanese
Subtitles  English

Product Features

  • Interactive Menu
  • Trailers
  • Scene Select
  • Textless Ending

track listing


1. My Name is Dejiko, Nyo
2. Together with Puchiko, Nyo?
3. The Mysterious Cell Phone, Nyo
4. I Won’t Call Her Rabi-en Rose, Nyo
5. Puchiko Pancakes Are Yummy, Nyu!
6. Dejiko is a Princess, Nyo
7. A Beautiful Day in the Life of Usada, Nyo
8. Daily Bath at the Bathhouse, Nyo

Item Description

I was sent here with Puchiko and Gema so that I can train to become a proper princess. Upon landing in the Lucky Cat Shopping District, we met so many nice people. The elderly couple who runs the local bake shop has adopted Puchiko as their surrogate granddaughter and Yasushi and his brother Kiyoshi have let Gema and me stay at their toy store filled with all the lame toys that Yasushi has invented himself. Life here would be so perfect if it wasn’t for this rabbit-eared wannabe idol named Rabi-En-Rose. Oh well, cest la vie.

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