Digimon World: Next Order

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Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon World: Next Order
Digimon World: Next Order

Product Features

  • Over 200 Digimon from the animated series!
  • Choose between a male or female protagonis
  • For the first time ever in the series, explore the Digital World with not one, but TWO Digimon partners!
  • Your success in battles and the growth of your partners is totally dependent on you: Raise, train, feed, discipline, etc. in real-time to form strong bonds with your Digimon companions. Every interaction and activity matters!
  • Evolved AI Battle System: Strong bonds with your partners is key - train your Digimon to excel in AI battles on their own. Cooperation and synchronization between your partners and their feelings will increase your chances of winning. Shout commands and cheer them to victory!
  • Recruit and integrate new Digimon into the village to expand and evolve it

Item Description

The Digimon World series returns to the West with Digimon World: Next Order! An all-new adventure and story awaits! The Digital World is in despair. Machinedramons are running rampant and causing utter chaos... the Digital World needs your help! Explore and traverse the Digital World to solve a digi-mystery. Recruit faithful Digimon companions and meet friends along the way to help you on this epic journey. The Digital World is waiting for you...Or are you waiting for the Digital World?

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Let's Shinka
This Digimon Next Order bring back the nostalgic gameplay from Digimon Adventure PS1 with added improvements like 2 Digimon to bring to make them Cross Evo, I personally like the game because of this, and the fact the game is in Japanese Voice also add more to my pleasure, the translation is somewhat decent, though I would still prefer if the Digimon name all follow the JP version
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Lots of open world monster-raising fun!
It's been over a year and a half since I finished this game, but it still sticks in my mind as one of my favorite games that I played last year. I was initially put off by the battle system, and it's admittedly not great, but once you get used to it, raising your monsters and exploring the world is a load of fun.

From the gameplay I've seen of the original Digimon World game, this one did seem pretty similar. However, I've not played that one myself, so I was reminded more of Monster Rancher. Like the Monster Rancher series, your monsters can train their stats through training machines, but can die after enough time passes, so efficient training is important. As you progress in the game, you can increase their lifespans, and each monster has the potential to start with better stats than the previous one started with, so there's a strong sense of progress as you go through monsters. Once you reach endgame, it's possible to extend your monster's lifespan faster than it depletes, meaning they can live indefinitely.

The world is quite big and opens up more and more as you progress. There are fast travel points, making it easy to get back to whichever location you want quickly. Various Digimon across the world will show up throughout the game with requests for you to fulfill. Upon completing their quests, they usually (maybe always? I don't quite remember) come back to your town and offer some sort of new service or improvement of an existing one, such as the fast travel station that becomes available early in the game.

My recommendation is to get the European version of the game instead of the North American version since you can get the NA preorder DLC for free.
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Quite the Adventure
It looks like a throwback of the first Digimon World game. You get similar Digimons opening similar shops in your little town.
But now you have two Digimons to take care of.

It's a bit of a shame that the town is smaller now, and the gym has been reduced drastically.
Though, I won't be comparing the two games too much.

This game is like one giant Tamagochi, as you need to take care of your Digimon, but you'll also participate in combat. The combat is pretty nice, as you rely on your Digimons to do the bidding, but you can also issue commands. You'll also get new strategies to use further in the game.

The game also looks and soudns fine. The music is pretty nice. Reminded me a lot of the old game, but remastered.

A good pick for people who wants a different kind of adventure RPG game.
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