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DoDonPachi Resurrection (Deluxe Edition)

Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
Version: Europe
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Language  Japanese
Subtitles  English
DoDonPachi Resurrection (Deluxe Edition)
DoDonPachi Resurrection (Deluxe Edition)
DoDonPachi Resurrection (Deluxe Edition)
DoDonPachi Resurrection (Deluxe Edition)




  • Comes with Do-Don-Pachi Dai-Fukkatsu Arrange Album!


Resurrection is a direct sequel to Daioujou, the supposed grand finale of the series, and the Xbox360 is a port of the improved and better balanced 1.5 version with graphics completely in HD.In addition to the existing Hyper Counter Mode and the Hyper Laser Mode, this new version comes with more arrange modes. The system becomes more intelligent, it will recognize the player's style and adjust its difficulty accordingly. So the more you play, the more challenging this game becomes.

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es CAVE no necesitas mas
se me hace fantastico que cave haya podido sacar este juego en region libre, se trata de un arreglo del juego original agregando varios modos mas y arreglando detalles de anteriores versiones y junto a un disco sountrack que mas se puedes pedir

ojo pakos tengan cuidado en entrarle a esta saga en general ya que para mi es de los ultimos niveles de cerdes que uno debe tocar y para nada la recomendaria si se quieren iniciar en el genero

es un gran juego sin duda pero no cualquiera puede o tiene la destreza para jugar una dondonpachi, pero si creen estar listos agarrense los huevos y a darle

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Why so angry, bee?
Finally my Dodonpachi Ressurection copy arrived after 2 months (thanks to the World Cup I guess). I didn't play enough to get used to the controls and scoring mechanics but, so far, I'm breathless. After playing Akai Katana, espgaLuda II and Mushihimesama Futari, and sorta preparing myself to be bombarded, I didn't feel overwhelmed when the things started to get ugly after stage 3. In fact, although I still suck at CAVE games compared to more skilled players we find at You Tube, it's a delight to try to dogde all that crazy bullet patterns on the screen and aim for really high scores.
I still have a long run considering the scoring mechanics in CAVE games are puzzling but rewarding when you finally understand them. Well, blissful deaths wait me!
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More DoDonPachi goodness
If you played any DoDonPachi shmup, then you will feel right at home here. Best of all, the PAL version works in North American consoles. What's not to love. It has five modes of play (although I cannot seem to download the black label mode). The added bonuses just make it a joy to play.
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Thank you Rising Star
Till this title to play any DonPachi game in the US required either pirate copies, emulation, or modded consoles. For the first time it is made available in a region free version at an affordable price. Don't pass up a chance to own one of the game series that started the bullet hell genre. Tight game controls, sharp 2d pixel graphics, and tons of modes make this a must have.
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This Fantastic game...
You don't even know my excitement when i found out that this European version of DoDonPachi worked in my American xbox, only to find out its the best maniac shooter i have ever played. in a nutshell your a ship dodging bullets that fill the screen. your hitbox is a 5x5 pixel box. at first you would think this is easy. however the game throws patterns of bullets at you. this becomes crazy, and eventually becomes less about dodging bullets and more about recognizing the patterns on screen as you shoot your ow onslaught of lasers at enemies.

if you play bullet hell's and other maniac shooter, this isnt a shocker. but what makes this game great is the novice mode, and the stupid fun and difficult other modes. they say this is one of the hardest DoDonPachi games and it shows. but the novice mode is perfect for beginning players to start on. you will slowly learn about not looking right at your ship and start dodging bullets. the difficulty gets significantly harder, but novice allows all players to start in a fun place. that and the original arcade version are 2 player! so a friend can jump in, which is much harder and wicked fun.

for veterans of these games, there is a lot. first loop of the game is hard on the normal setting. but second loop a and b will def push the limits of the player... if you can even get there. Oh and then the final boss... i commend you for getting there.

there are other game modes unlockable, and other styles, such as type L and type B. type L being stupid hard and making you rely on hyper a lot more, and type B being a very dynamic and fun game mode. 1 stage per play, and it changes depending on how you play. to top it all off there is a practice mode.

for new players its best to play the game with 1 credit, and not continue. if you just keep continuing after loosing, you will get a bad ending and you wont understand what it about. go through, try and not loose all your lives, unlock second loop, and play till you get the true final boss. when you look at the scope from a new players perspective, its a much longer game than it looks. because even once you beat the whole 2 loops and true final boss, now you need to better your score. Its fun and addicting. its perfect for anyone looking for a fun arcade game diversion. and none of this american old school shooter stuff, this is a true arcade maniac shooter. and with a low price, go jump on it!
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