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Akira Toriyama of "Dragon Ball", Masakazu Katsura of "Video Girl", Koji Inada of "The Adventure of Dai" (drawing), and behind the birth of the signboard writer of "Shonen Jump" was the insight and skill of editor Kazuhiko Torishima!

Known as the model for Dr. Masirito, who appeared in "Dr. Slump," he promotes the media mix of manga, games, and animation, and drives "Shonen Jump" as the sixth editor-in-chief. He proposed Akira Toriyama as the character designer for the national game "Dragon Quest", and played a part in the blockbuster. Even after retiring from on-site editing, he continues to be active in the manga industry.

"Dr. Masirito Strongest Mangajutsu" is a revolutionary new book that summarizes Kazuhiko Torishima's own techniques for training manga artists, the "Torishima Method", and presents it to aspiring manga artists who are "serious"! This book covers how to make a practical hit, the mechanism of the manga industry, and the secret story of the birth of masterpieces such as "Dragon Ball". Also includes an interview with.

Strongest Lecture 1, Strongest Manga Declaration
Draw manga that readers want to read, not manga that you want to draw! The secret to success lies in readability!

Strongest course 2 How to make the strongest manga
How to draw a hit work taught by a manga editor! From the strongest characters to the strongest story!!

Strongest Lecture 3: Introduction to Professional Manga Artists.
This is what it means to make a living from manga!

Strongest Lecture 4: Manga Artist Training Practice Manual
Make a "one-shot" and hit the publisher's door! How to capture the editorial department to win a full-length serial manga!

Strongest Lecture 5: Everything about the Manga Business
You can't become a professional without knowing the manga publishing industry! Get to know the reality of the Japanese manga business!!

Strongest Lecture 6: MANGA's Future Strategy
The future of manga lies in digital technology and overseas expansion! Tomorrow's manga artists will not be today's manga artists!!

Strongest Course Supplementary Lecture Kazuhiko Torishima Special Talk
Kazuhiko Torishima, Akira Toriyama, Masakazu Katsura, and Koji Inada talk about behind the scenes of the birth of a hit!


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