Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

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Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast



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Dragon Ball is out with Raging Blast, an exhilirating 3D fighter. Veteran Fighters can enjoy facing off against the strongest of the strong while novices can start their fighting career here.Controls are easy, launch the characters' special skills with a press of a single button, all characters have their specialized skill set, be sure to have a go at them all. Make use of the area, move in all directions, having the fight in 3D gives that so much more room to dash around.Characters' expressions change during the fight and the environment play a big part in your victories. Learn to destroy mountains and hide behind rocks to ambush your enemies.

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Great game!
I like the game as it has a lot of character and also the graphic looks really good!
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Relief "Dragon Ball", created by artist Akira Toriyama, already has more than 25 years and still enjoys incredible popularity in all corners of the planet. Proof of this is the amount of games inspired by the license that comes to stores every year and "Raging Dragon Ball Blast" only increases this account.

The new title more promotes a long succession of struggles inspired by various moments and sagas of the series. In the main mode, Dragon Battle Collection, you can choose which stage to face, in no particular order, or even venturing out stories in parallel universes, which alter the events of the official mythology. It is important to mention that the game does not make much effort to contextualize the struggles and the User is as good connoisseur of the franchise, with a few texts and dialogues before the fight.

After exploring all the chronology of "Dragon Ball" there is still much to do. Extra modes is not lacking in the package, as required for Versus matches between friends, a tournament for up to 16 participants and training. In between there's the Trial, which places specific goals as knockouts in limited time to force the player's abilities, and how online (ranked or not), which allows customization of the heroes and villains with several items. Nothing very original, but large enough to make any fan happy.

Vision impaired
Broly and Special Forces in the trailer Gyniu

The designers did their best to make the experience of "Raging Dragon Ball Blast" the longest possible, but seem to have forgotten the principal. The struggles that move the game suffer from some irritating problems knock out the fun. The fighting has always blended traditional elements of the genre to the vagaries of the franchise, as giant rays or duels in the air, but here everything seems a little out of tune.

The blows did not get hit opponents in a uniform and do not seem to take effect depending on the location or situation where the opponent is. It's kind of like a lottery, which depends on the position of the enemy and commands made by User before. Thus, it is preferred fighting distance. This is where you can find the enemy in the middle of the scene.
Classic moments

There are clear visual cues to indicate the position of the enemy in vast arenas. As the speed of action is high, can you lose sight of what is happening and be easily attacked by surprise. The camera is a great responsible for this, since it does not seem to follow the fighters in the right way - you often stares at the empty sky or a piece of the scenario of no importance, without seeing the characters.
"Raging Dragon Ball Blast" is a fighting game based on the classic franchise master Akira Toriyama and care for things the sounds and visuals to be true to the original material. The content is vast, with many items and extra modes, but the main campaign lacks a sophisticated presentation, which values all the most important events of the saga. The crucial problem, however, lies in the mechanics of the fights, with a camera loose and irregular commands that can not keep up the frenetic pace of the fighting. For fans of the brand, there are more interesting games on the market.
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Good game but with a few flaws
I liked this game but i have not played a DBZ game in a while though
If you love DBZ then i suggest you to get this
the reason why i chose this over the US is because i love the original music compared to the US and boy did i make the correct decision.
but as the title suggests it does have a few flaws. Mainly the camera where sometimes it is the reason why you lost the battle.
All in all its a great game
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