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Dream Club
Dream Club
Dream Club
Dream Club



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Do you have a pure heart? Welcome in!Beautiful women are bowing at you as you sweep across the luxurious lounge. Pick your favourite hostess and drink with them to get to know them more. You have an annual ticket to the dream club, in this 365 days, enjoy the company of these ladies fully.Earn money, plan your schedule and improve your alcohol capacity. Chat with the ladies to persuade them to drink with you. They may divulge secrets about themselves if you prove to be a good conservationist and drinker.The ladies are not just companions, they are performers as well. Watch them sing and dance. The better you know them, the more songs they will perform. Be sure to go to the club during the special event nights, instead of the usual maid outfits, the ladies will welcome you in get-ups such as yukatas and bikinis.Have a lovely clubbing experience, get your VIP card today.

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Good party game
The game is good and thanks to this page I was able to get it, the game is in Japanese, but that does not affect how good it is.
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Dream Club for those of pure mind
Dream Club from the otuside looks very much like an idolm@ster clone, apart from the obviously more mature setting of a hostess club setting complete with alcohol.
However, if you go into this game thinking that it's all about a love sim where you get the girl drunk and make her sing, you'll be sorely disappointed.
Dream Club is a dating sim slash karaoke game that focuses on creating and maintaining a relationship by working hard for it. The setting is a lot more realistic than idolmaster, which starred you as a production manager for a girl's band. In this game, you play as a regular joe, trying to catcht he attention of your favorite hostess.
The game is not sincerely deep or meaningful if you are playing it for the sake of enjoyment - the mini-games and karaoke that you can participate in with the added hilarity of the drinking element should keep "pure mind"ed players amused for some time, even with almost no knowledge of japanese at all.
Obviously; don't buy a japanese game if you do not own a japanese console; and don't expect achievements if you can't understand japanese.
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Thinking this is a cheap idolm@ster rip-off? Don't be so sure...
Since this was a game created by the company behind "Oneechanbara: Samurai Bikini Girls" (a good game but a little rough around the edges), I had honestly expected this to be a cheap idolm@ster rip-off.
However, I was very pleased to find that this game is far better than I had expected. It has very good graphics, good quality voice acting, likeable characters (including two secret girls which have absolutely no similarity to any characters in idolm@ster), a unique play system with a variety of minigames, and a pretty decent soundtrack.

In all honesty, it took me a little while to discover that to progress in this game you will need to drink to become bold enough to ask certain questions, and also get the girls drunk enough to be willing to answer them. Other than asking questions you can play games with the girls and have them sing karaoke for you (when they're drunk this is absolutely hilarious). These minigames are more varied and, I would even say, more fun than those in idolm@ster, especially during karaoke (you can choose to tap buttons in rhythm to the song and aim for a high score. This is particularly fun online!).

Overall I would definitely recommend this game. A knowledge of Japanese is of course needed, but even without being able to read Kanji that well I was able to progress through the use of online guides.
If you liked idol@ster, definitely check this out! I would say that this is like idolm@ster but with a more adult and less serious flavour.
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Outstanding visual based on a pathetic idea
As everyone can see on YouTube, the karaoke part of this game is great visually. I personally find this game having better movement details in characters' body parts than Idolm@ster, but it cuts short in terms of variety: the songs are limited, and you can't have mutiple girls performing at the same time (at least I haven't found any way to do it yet).
However, the real fall-back is the ideology this entire game is based on: you go out earn money through part time jobs during weekdays, and go to the night club to pickup (well, strictly speaking not even pickup) the girl you want to date on weekends. Then by ordering different kinds of alcohols and getting her drunk, you pry into a variety of privacies about the girl (like birth dates, things they like, etc.). Then according to these info, you can buy different gifts for the girls and eventually trigger flags and raise intimacy. It may sound like a quite ordinary routine for dating sims at first, but this entire idea of "No Money, No Chick" as well as fuddling the girls for privacy is just way too pathetic and gloomy comparing to the bright and warm graphics.
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Summary after playing
Highlight of the game is the karoke.
Language barrier is resolved with guide/walkthroughs online.
Pricing abit steep but its natural for imported games.
Repeatable game play with excellent voicing.

remember to check your xbox360 game compatability before buying a japanese game.
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