Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)

Compatible with Xbox360™ (X360)
Version: Asia
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Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)
Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)
Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)
Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)
Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)
Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)
Earth Defense Force 2025 (English)



Product Features

  • A Battle of Epic Proportion Against an Onslaught of Gigantic Insects and Robots New and enhanced Ravagers to battle against, including the Crustaceous Giant (Giants that look like ants and attack with their strong jaws and acid as they prey on humans as food), Spider Giants (its strong webs limit mobility and drain your energy), Retiarius (long-legged giants that weaves nets in high-rises, then waits for its prey), and many more including high-powered new robot types
  • The Most EDF Content Ever! With tons of missions filled with over-the-top action in five different difficulty modes, including the ever-challenging Inferno Mode, players will need to battle through waves of intense combat to bring peace to earth
  • Hundreds of Weapons and Four New Soldier Classes Fight with the best including Rangers, Fencers, Air Raiders, and Wing Divers all equipped with state-of-the-art abilities and weapons including incredible assault rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers to repel the bug infestation from all enemy fronts
  • Battle Out the Giant Creatures with Specialized Vehicles Increase your overall firepower and strength with all-new specialized vehicles, including the BMO3 Vegalta (a fully armed mechanical suit equipped with gun, rocket launcher, and flamethrower), an E651 Titan (a large tank that carries three people and can destroy heavily armored creatures), the HU04 Brute (a helicopter that carries EDF soldiers and is equipped with turrets), and many more
  • Four Player Online Multiplayer Online multiplayer support for up to four players, allowing players to team up with their friends to create the ultimate EDF squad and fight together against the Ravagers (local co-op and local versus mode)
  • Completely Destructible Environments To save cities on earth, you’ll have to destroy them in pursuit of eliminating the insects!

Item Description

Defending the Earth continues in the long awaited return of Earth Defense Force series. EDF soldiers returns in Earth Defense 2025, as the alien insect invaders come back from dormancy to disturb the peace once again. A new epic battle against Ravagers that will surely hold courage and pride in mankind.Earth Defense Force 2025 is an over-the-top action shooting game that arms players as an EDF soldier heavily equipped with hundreds of powerful weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, energy weapons and grenade launchers to drive away insect infestation from all enemy fronts. Earth Defense 2025 introduces four new soldier classes such as Rangers, Fencers, Air Raiders and Wing Divers who are ready to battle out with Ravagers in order to save humanity.With tons of missions in EDF, Earth Defense 2025 is filled with incredible action in five different difficulty modes. There is also online multiplayer supporting up to four players, allowing players to team up with friends to create an unimaginable EDF squad and fight side by side against Ravagers. The Earth Defense Force is mankind's last line of defense. Gear up, attack the Ravagers and save the people!

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Addictive, so addictive
The best iteration of EDF to date, with 4 player co-op, 4 character classes and over 80 missions with 5 difficulty settings, already spent well over 60 hours playing this game and it never gets old. Don't listen to the nay-sayers, this is one of the most fun games of all time!
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good game
pretty good for EDF fans to continue the collection. easy control, shoot them up style. nice addition to have online play
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Best EDF game yet!
This is the prettiest, most detailed version of the game yet.
It helps to at least be able to read katakana, but with a bit of trial and error and knowing how things worked in EDF 2017 or GDF, you should feel right at home.
The basic atmopshere shouldn't lock you out even if you just catch up on the occasional english word and that's all that's matters.
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Sandlot have done it again.
If you're a fan of EDF3/2017, this is a must for you. Perfect example of a game where graphics and hollywood voice actors count for nothing next to brilliant gameplay. Easy to pick up and play with its vast number of short missions, but tough to master. Over 500 weapon across 4 different characters.

Couch-coop with a buddy or take the fight online with 3 others. For those that can't read Japanese, there is no English language option. There is a lot of text, but nothing that'll stop you from enjoying the game still.

This game would get 5 stars, but as of this review the game has problems. Split-screen has some really bad slow-downs and the loading times seem to take forever. Neither of these issues are present on the Xbox 360. Hopefully they will be patched soon.
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EDF4 is the real deal
Forget Insect Armageddon, EDF4 is really good.
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