Eldervale STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™ (PC)
Version: Region Free
Region Free
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Product Languages

Language  Multilanguage

Product Features

  • Explore a large, interconnected level filled with deadly secrets
  • Fight, escape or sneak past more than a dozen types of enemies and dangers
  • Collect and manage items to aid your survival
  • Solve diverse puzzles and obstacles
  • Piece together the past of the Delaney Institution and it's residents
  • Meet other characters and decide their fate
  • Customize your experience by selecting difficulty for Combat, Puzzle and a Special Mode with random events
  • Unlock multiple endings, alternate costumes, achievements and more

Item Description

Eldervale is a survival horror game reminiscent of the early 2000's classics. Many elements will be instantly familiar to veterans, while also introducing newcomers to the genre. Exploration and atmosphere is key, supported by varied gameplay like puzzle-solving, combat, stealth and resource management. The game builds up story and mechanics throughout its 3-4 hour playtime until the end.

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