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Product Languages

Language  English
Empires Of Creation
Empires Of Creation
Empires Of Creation
Empires Of Creation
Empires Of Creation

Product Features

  • Galaxy
  • Persistent
  • Procedurally Generated
  • Interactive
  • Variable time acceleration
  • Empires
  • Capable of taking over the galaxy
  • Relation dependent decision making
  • Reactive AI
  • Player is able to create their own empire
  • Combat
  • Player is able to take control of any ship in their fleet
  • at any-time
  • Completely Physics based
  • Slow down effects
  • Boosting and other abilities

Item Description

Empires Of Creation is an up-and-coming Sci-Fi-themed sandbox game in which the player takes on the role of a fleet commander, destined to make his name in the galaxy and ultimately conquer it. Forge relationships with surrounding empires and use your wit to establish a galactic monopoly.

Colonize nearby habitable stars to expand your presence in the cosmos. The universe is your playground in this dynamic economy. Enjoy fast-paced, high-intensity fleet battles with enemy ships as you race to the top. Whosoever can prove his superiority in the field and in the diplomatic sphere shall come out victorious.

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