Ensemble Stars!! Album Series - Trip - Akatsuki [Limited Edition]

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[DISC 1]
1. 風雅 (Instrumental)
2. 絲
3. 紅月いろは唄
4. 夏鳥の詩 -サマーバード-
5. 月光奇譚
6. 金色千夜夢舞台
7. 夜空、然りとて鵲は
8. fuzz. (Instrumental)
9. ROCK ROAR (Bonus Track)
10. Unpredictable Reincarnation
11. 紅返礼歌
12. 誠心決風録

[DISC 2]
1. BRAND NEW STARS!! (紅月 ver.)
2. Walk with your smile (紅月 ver.)
3. FUSIONIC STARS!! (紅月 ver.)
4. Surprising Thanks!! (紅月 ver.)
5. One with One (紅月 ver.)

Item Description

The ninth title from "Ensemble Stars! Album Series" compiles four previously-released titles by Akatsuki, two unit songs, solo performances by each idol, and a new song by Deadmans as a bonus track.
The limited edition also contains a bonus CD, including songs performed by each unit. Comes with three ID cards, featuring all members of the units. Deluxe trunk-like box packaging with a sleeve case.


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