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Fabric Change Version Fumio Original Illustration Daki Kano After Nazuka Risa Dakimakura Cover With Download Voice Privilege

Version: Japan
USD 0.00

Product Features

  • Material: High density 2-way tricot, Aqua veil
  • Size: Approx. W500×H1600mm
  • Limited availability
  • Actual product may differ from photos.

Item Description

This is a reprint of the title, featuring an original illustration by Fumio-sensei, of Dakikano After Nazuka Risa (CV: Tsukino Kiiro) with a pillowcase made of aqua veil fabric.

- [Let me be your wife]

- [Dakikano After] is a series that depicts what happens to you and your girlfriend after appearing in [Dakikano]
- Wishing you the sweet days from your wedding to your newlywed life.

- This product comes with a download code that allows you to download the 6-track original recording of [Dakikano After Nazuka Risa Situation Voice], which depicts the sweet and sexy days from marriage to newlywed life.

・Bonus: Download code for [Situational voice of spending time with your girlfriend (CV: Kiiro Tsukino)] included
- Tracklist
- 01 Living with Risa
- 02 Your proposal to Risa
- 03 Wedding ~A special day~
- 04 First Night: Lovey-dovey sex in a wedding dress
- 05 Newlywed Life: I want to have kids soon
- 06 Pillow talk after sex until the morning

・Bonus Drama
- [Flirting at a cafe before the big day]

- Download period: Until noon on September 2, 2024

*When the voice data becomes available for download (please refer to the product page for your separate purchase), a place to enter the download code will be set up on the character page of the [Dakikano] official website, so by entering the code number included with the product, you will be able to download the data compressed into a zip file. When you unzip the downloaded zip file, the audio file in wav format will be extracted, so please listen to it.

*Does not include the pillow.