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Falnarion Tactics
Falnarion Tactics
Falnarion Tactics
Falnarion Tactics
Falnarion Tactics
Falnarion Tactics
Falnarion Tactics

Product Features

  • Level each unit individually to level 20 with a class change option for some at level 10
  • Earn bonus points during main story missions and side quests and use to purchase items or towards leveling
  • Various shops to purchase a wide variety of Weapons, Items and etc
  • A durability system that provides limited usage on all gear, prompting you to use your skills wisely
  • A revival system that allows you to bring back your fallen teammates with an item
  • Weapon triangle system for a combative advantage
  • Extras section with unlock-able character bios, soundtrack, and picture gallery
  • Several side quests to sink your teeth into
  • Main story with 12 chapters
  • Engaging turn-based combat system

Item Description

Explore a world filled with ancient wonder and excitement. A world where the strong-willed survive and the weak perish. An unjust world that seeks control, but cannot contain it. A broken world that desires change. Join the cause and become apart of history to change the world of Nerfelo forever. An untold story awaits you in this harrowing tale of war. As the remaining protectors of the realm clash against the Gafarian Empire, who, if anyone, will be left standing?

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