Fantasy Springs Music Album [Limited Edition]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
Not yet published or released Expected to ship: 24-Jun-2024
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track listing

1. アナとエルサのフローズンジャーニー (ライドスルー・ミックス)
2. ピーターパンのネバーランドアドベンチャー (ライドスルー・ミックス)
3. フェアリー・ティンカーベルのビジーバギー (ライドスルー・ミックス)
4. ラプンツェルのランタンフェスティバル (ライドスルー・ミックス)
5. ファンタジースプリングス組曲 (シングル・バージョン)
6. フローズンキングダム エリアミュージック

Item Description

Grand opening at Tokyo Disney Sea(R) on June 6, 2024! The first music album that brings together the music that colors the long-awaited new themed port "Fantasy Springs"! "Frozen Kingdom", "Peter Pan's Neverland". You can enjoy the music of all four newly opened attractions, ``Anna and Elsa's Frozen Journey,'' ``Peter Pan's Neverland Adventure,'' ``Fairy Tinkerbell's Busy Buggy,'' and ``Rapunzel's Lantern Festival,'' as if you were riding on an attraction. Recorded for the first time as a "ride-through mix" that allows you to listen to it as if you were there. Also included is the first single version of the song ``Fantasy Springs Suite,'' written specifically for Fantasy Springs and can be heard at the Magic Fountain in the area. In addition, area music that can be heard inside “Frozen Kingdom” is also included for the first time!