Far Cry Primal

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Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal
Far Cry Primal

Product Features

  • Rise Above Extinction - Conquer the land and your enemies in the original fight for mankind's survival
  • Experience The Stone Age by Far Cry - Enter an open-world sandbox filled with the unpredictable chaos and peril that the best-selling franchise is known for
  • Conquer Epic Beasts - Hunt down dangerous predators like the savage saber-toothed tiger and the elusive wooly mammoth
  • Become The Apex Predator - Defeat the deadly tribes of Oros as you fight to unite mankind
  • Discover The Deadly world of Oros - Fight to survive amidst lush redwood forests, harsh taiga, frozen tundra and murky swamps

Item Description

From Prey to Predator!

The highly anticipated and one of the most iconic action-adventure video game has returned - Far Cry Primal! Experience the award-winning action franchise in a full fledged single player action and roam around a massive and innovative open-world sandbox gameplay set in the barbaric stone age times comprising of breathtaking but harsh environments, ferocious massive beasts, and unpredictable savage encounters.

In Far Cry Primal, conquer the world and play as Takkar, the lone survivor who got stranded in Oros, an extremely dangerous land ruled by giant beasts that will challenge your will and skills to survive. With no weapons and resources in hand, you must learn to live in a world that clashes with beasts, man, and nature itself. Players will ravage and make their own adventure across an open world filled with predators such as mammoths and saber-toothed tigers using weapons and tools, forged from the bones of beasts’ you’ve killed. As the game progresses, players will learn how to craft more lethal weapons like spears, clubs, axes, and short- ranged weapons like bows to take down more ferocious beasts and overcome rival tribes. Develop your skills, assemble and lead your tribe to reach glory and become the Apex Predator!

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Good game
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Primodial Fun
Primal offers a new type of open world for you to explore and experience. The animals in this primal world are exotic and most are even extinct so its always breath taking to be in their magnificent presence. Encountering a majestic Mammoth for the first time will leave you awe struck while running into a ferocious Sabre-Tooth is absolutely terryfying.

Survival instinct in primal is a key skill you will have to learn fast coz most or all animal encounters are a matter of life or death, quite accurately so as you can imagine in olden days the world was a very dangerous and un-tamed wilderness. But a few hours into the game your primal instincts will kick in and you will soon learn how to fight, stalk and hunt dangerous beasts(and/or run away from them coz believe me even with your skills at your best at times you will still have to flee from certain beast encounters.

All the animals here are exotic and dangerous, and dont forget you are in the stone age so no modern artillery to blast the animals with, just your trusty bow and arrow, club and spears. The bow will be your weapon of choice for ranged attacks augmented by the club for close quarter combat. An hour or two into the game you will be landing head-shots with ease be it against man(Izila), neanderthals(Udam) or beasts.

Oh yes you can Tame a wide variety of beasts including Sabre-Tooths and Mammoths to ride, aid you in hunting and in combat.

Primal has a unique Day-Night cyle where the world is totally different at night and the game play changes too. The night here is beautiful and deadly, and amazing and dangerous, and breath-taking and fatal, and gorgeous and hazardous, hypnotic and mesmerizing... I could go on but suffice to say as amazing as the nights are its also when most predators come out to play in force and survival becomes this epic test of your instincts, you have to crank your skill and senses all the way up to 100 as you cautiously prowl through the world, but once you master the night it becomes an absolute thrill to stalk in the twilight as you hunt both man and beast as you evolve into the ultimate predator.

Like all farcry games the world has tons activities and side quests to entertain you. Crafting, hunting and gathering take on a life of their own here since you are in the stone age and basically living off the land. Unfortunately the main story campaign missions are extremely few, the story quests feel shallow so overall the story falls flat and feels anti-climatic. A pity coz FarCry Primal's world is very immersive making you feel like you are actually living in the stone age, but the dissapointing story really let down this game and so most entertainment is left for you to find on your own as you tear up this gorgeous stone age world.

Ubisoft even went ahead and created a stone age language here which makes the world become even more immersive since the inhabitants are speaking in a unique dialect which is so awesome that a few hours into the game I was beginning to learn the dialect and could understand a few 'Wenja' phrases. I even wish I had bought the collectors edition which came with a 68 page Wenja Phrase Book coz it was quite fun trying to learn the language :-)

The weak story was a drag but there is alot of fun to be had here once you evolve and your Primal instincts kick in, you will have a loads of fun as you dominate and tame this epic primodial open world.
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