Fate/Grand Order Original Soundtrack VI

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  • 3 Disc Edition

track listing

1. Hireichō seizonken: TunguskaSanctuary
2. Satsuriku no arano
3. Last Stand ~FATAL BATTLE 6~
4. Innovation & Domination ~Beast Ⅳ-sen~
5. Cosmos in the LostbeltⅡ
6. Shisō kengen kaiiki: Traom
7. Aru gensō no seitoshi~BATTLE 15~
8. Shizukanaru koe~FGO~
9. Shisō kengen kaiiki: TraomⅡ
10 .Maken kaigōKriemhild-sen
11. Reichenbach ni shōyu
12. Aku no tenbin~Moriarty-sen~
13. Kogane jukai kikō: Naui・Miktran
14. Spectacle・Age ~BATTLE 16~
15. Meikani no bannin
16. 6600man-nen no yume
17. Honō no striker
18. Bōchō-suru taiyō~ORT1~
19. Saigo no yūsha
20. Void
21. Kūsō jukai kessen: Orto Sibalba

Disc 2
1. Invade Spider ~ORT2~
2. Invade StarCell ~ORT3~
3. Battō
4. Isetsu chikyū kikō O・X ~ORT4~
5. Hajimari no reimei/Tezcatlipoca
6. ChaldeaSummer Adventure!: Map Theme
7. Chaldea・Summer Adventure!: Shop Theme
8. Walk Anyway
9. Bōken ga yondeiru! ~SUMMER BATTLE 7~
10. Tsukanoma no kandan
11. Zaihō wo motomete
12. Seiten no wayfair
13. Sing My Heart ~Mahō wo kanadete
14. Halloween・Rising!: Map Theme
15. Halloween・Rising!: Shop Theme
16. Pumpkin・Returns
17. Hoshizora no veil
18. Shinen no seibo
19. Go-etsu dōshū
20. GudaGuda ryūma kiki ippatsu!: Map Theme
21. GudaGuda shop daienjō~Ki~
22. Shishi dōran
23. Omo to asa negashitemitai
24. Mezameshi kishin
25. Candle ni ignition

Disc 3
1. Mizukai crysis: Map Theme
2. Mizukai crysis: Shop Theme
3. Shima wo torimodose
4. Kenkon itteki
5. Mississippimassizers: Map Theme
6. Mississippi・massizers: Shop Theme
7. Camera wo mawaseba wakaru!
8. Enproyer, assemble!
9. Nanmei Yumihari Hakkenden: Shop Theme
10 .Nanmei no Hakkenshi
11. Marble Phantasm: Tsuki no shiro
12. Marble Phantasm: Tsuki no hana
13. Torrid
14. Arctic・Summerworld!: Map Theme
15. Miwaku no theme park
16. Kyokuhoku no splash ~SUMMER BATTLE 8~
17. Arctic・Summerworld!: Shop Theme
18. Wazawai no kami ~Manatsu no ibuki~
19. Reincarnation (feat. Yuriko Kaida)
20. GudaGuda Shin-Yamataikoku: Map Theme
21. Ichigo ichie
22. Marebito wa futatabi kitaru
23. GudaGuda shop dai-enjō~Cha~
24. Rikugo rinne ~Yoiyami kageru tsuki mitama
25. 108-nin no Halloween・rebellion!: Map Theme
26. 108-nin no Halloween・rebellion!: Shop Theme
27. Burai no yadoboshi
28. Namiutsu kokoro
29. Tenchi meidō

Item Description

Sixth original soundtrack to the game "Fate/Grand Order." Consists of three discs, including tracks from the second chapter distributed in 2022, ones from events held in 2021 & 2022, songs featured in TV spots, and more.


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When you thought mobile games music couldn't be that good
Fate Grand/Order is one of the longest running and most popoular gacha around. May it be for the characters, may it be for the story, but nothing kept me engaged more than the way the story and fights are presented. Music plays a big role in that, giving a lot of tone to the scenes since they're not much animated.
The best part of sticking to the game for me has been being able to listen to the music Keita Haga writes in its evolution, getting always more mature as Mr.Haga developes as a composer.
Topping the work he did with the Vth volume hasn't been easy: "The Fairy Round Table Realm" has arguably been the best Lostbelt so far under many aspects, one of which has been the music; but Keita Haga has been able to keep his creativity going and this volume is amazing as the last one has been.
The box keeps the collection style, just changing the cover picture and the writings to match the "VI" volume, which is good since the collection keeps its consistency.
Being able to look at it in my CD closet makes me proud of my purchase.
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