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Fighting Fantasy Collection - Resurrection Of Legend

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Fighting Fantasy Collection - Resurrection Of Legend
Fighting Fantasy Collection - Resurrection Of Legend
Fighting Fantasy Collection - Resurrection Of Legend
Fighting Fantasy Collection - Resurrection Of Legend
Fighting Fantasy Collection - Resurrection Of Legend


Complete build-to-order manufacturing.

From the latest masterpiece to the phantom one. Legendary fantasy gamebook advent!1984-still a consumer game console. In an era when the concept of "role-playing games" was not introduced. One book swept the world.

The "game book" created as an "RPG that can be played alone" attracts many young people and attracts many young people. Its founder, "Fighting Fantasy,". It has left many masterpieces in the world as the highest brand.

Over 30 years now, we will present old and new masterpieces. 5 historical masterpieces + valuable manuals,
Furthermore, an adventure sheet dedicated to each work. A must-have box set for collectors in a luxurious vanity case!

Set content:
5 gamebooks

- "Underground Labyrinth of Death Trap"

- "Port of Danger"

- "Defeat the cyborg"

- "Hell's House"

- "Things that steal the soul"

A newly written commentary by Hitoshi Yasuda, who supervised the magazine "Warlock".

Adventure sheet (5 sheets in total)
Luxury vanity case

Recorded work:

It is composed mainly of masterpieces of two masters who are the ancestors of the series.

From phantom works that ended up in untranslated to new masterpieces. Includes carefully selected masterpieces!
Five works are included in this collection.

The founder of the series and now known to the world as a master of the game world
Two works each of "Steve Jackson" and "Ian Livingstone".

A sophisticated lineup including the new work just announced in 2017.

Furthermore, the series that was once developed in Japan has ceased to be the 33rd work,
This time, the phantom "34th work" is recorded.

We will deliver the "continuation of dreams" that was cut off more than 20 years ago.

■ Underground Labyrinth of Death Trap

"Underground Labyrinth of Death Trap" that no one has ever survived

Set in the city "Fang" governed by Prince Sakambit. It depicts the trials of brave men who challenge the unexplored labyrinth.

As the title suggests, the labyrinth is full of "death traps". Evil traps are everywhere, many difficult enemies are waiting.

A masterpiece that was announced at the beginning of the series and boasts an extremely high profile.

■ Port of danger

The first of the latest series announced in 2017,
Master Ian Livingstone for the first time in more than 20 years
A topical work that attracted attention for drawing Alancia.

The story begins with the river port "Charis" facing the Silver River,
Eventually, the stage of the adventure is'Thief City'Port Black Sand etc.
It spreads to a vast area.

The charm of the Alancia world created by the master himself
This is a story full of fan service, showing off to the fullest.

■ Defeat the cyborg

Has always opened up new fields
Written by Steve Jackson
A work with a unique theme in the series.

A hero who protects people from crime and disasters in Titan City
Depicts the success of "Silver Crusader".

In order to reproduce a unique subject even in the series
"Clues," "supernatural powers," "hero points," etc.
Many unique rules are included.

■ Hell's House

This is also a work by Steve Jackson,
An ambitious work that challenged the themes of "modern" and "horror".

The hero who lost his car in an accident in heavy rain
I get lost in a strange Western-style building ...

In this work, as a unique numerical value,
Represented the limit of "fear" that the hero can tolerate
Introduced "Fear Point".

In parallel with the management of physical fitness points, etc.
While suppressing the rise of this value as much as possible,
We must unravel the truth hidden in the mansion.

■ Things that steal the soul

The 34th work in the series,
It was deployed in Japan in the past
Of all 33 Fighting Fantasy works
A work that corresponds to the "next one".

Genealogy of Fighting Fantasy in Japan,
The selection will be made with the thought of resuming it.

Titan The dark magician Moldranes threatens the entire world.

To eliminate the threat
An adventure unfolds on the isolated island "Island of Despair" floating in the stormy sea.

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