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Final Fantasy 15 Original Soundtrack

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track listing

1. Somnus (Instrumental Version)
2. Departure
3. Broken Down
4. ハンマーヘッド -Hammerhead
5. Wanderlust
6. Encroaching Fear
7. Stand Your Ground
8. Relax and Reflect
9. Day’s End Fanfare
10. Horizon
11. 安息の地 -Safe Haven
12. Lurking Danger
13. Hunt or Be Hunted
15. Urban Chrome
16. A Quick Pit Stop
17. 行方知れぬ想い -Love Lost
18. ガーディナ -Galdin Quay
20. The Aggressors
22. The Hunters
23. What Lies Within
24. Daemons
25. Bros on the Road
26. Fantastica!
27. The Niflheim Empire
28. Veiled in Black
29. Valse di Fantastica
30. Crystalline Chill
31. What a Hoot
32. ブルース de チョコボ -Blues de Chocobo
33. Reel Rumble
34. The Fight Is On!
35. レスタルム -Lestallum
36. Welcome to the Leville
37. Unsettling Aura
38. Don’t Panic!
40. Cosmogony
41. Melancholia
42. A Premonition
44. Labyrinthine
45. Flying R
46. Imperial Infiltration
47. Veiled in Black (Arrangement)
48. Invidia
49. Sorrow Without Solace
50. Sunset Waltz
51. Disquiet
53. ロデオ de チョコボ -Rodeo de Chocobo
54. Listen Up
55. Creeping Shadows
56. Impending Peril
57. Up for the Challenge
58. カエム -Cape Caem
59. カエム ~隠れ家~ -Cape Caem-Our New Home
60. カエム ~港~ -Cape Caem-Hidden Harbor
61. Bros on the Road II
63. Over the Waves
64. オルティシエ ~港~ -Altissia
65. オルティシエ ~ゴンドラ~ -Altissia-Gondola Ride
66. Welcome to the Royal Suite
67. 綺羅星円舞曲 -Starlit Waltz
68. Prayer de LUNA
69. No Time Left
70. Song of the Stars
71. The Hydraean’s Wrath
73. LUNA
75. Broken Bonds
76. Dining Car
77. カルタナティカ -Cartanica
78. Relax and Reflect - Pensive
79. Careening Into Danger
80. テネブラエ -Tenebrae
81. Horrors of the Night
82. End of the Road
83. An Empire in Ruins
85. In the Light of the Crystal
86. A World Unwaking
87. Neverending Nightmare
88. Homecoming
89. ハンマーヘッド ~The Last Bastion~ -Hammerhead-The Last Bastion
90. Somnus
91. Hellfire
92. Magna Insomnia
93. Dawn
94. Somnus Ultima
95. Dewdrops at Dawn
96. Main Theme from FINAL FANTASY


With its massive world, giant bosses and intense cutscenes, Final Fantasy XV is a blockbuster of epic proportions, and its soundtrack make no exception!

Composed by Yoko Shimomura, the legendary creator of some of the most well recognized music masterpieces in the game industry (Kingdom Hearts, Final Fight, Legend of Mana, and many others), this soundtrack is inspired by the astonishing cinematic visuals and deep gameplay ofthe much-awaited new episode.

She crafted a very evocative soundtrack featuring anthemic orchestral compositions, and more contemporary scores that will mesmerize all the fans of great music, even if they're not gamers. The result is an energetic, memorable, and cutting edge soundscape perfect for this tale of heroism and betrayal.

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Brought back the memories.
Having played quite a few of the earlier Mario games as they came out in the 80s & 90s, this OST was an essential purchase when it caught my eyes on the play asia digital streets.

The Mario Land tracks in particularly bring back great memories as the Gameboy was my first handheld console :)

Absolutely no disappointments here!. This is a must for any Mario fan and a great piece of musical history in physical format. 10/10
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No title
The CD ,Envelope beautifully ,I do not want to open the cover because of its beauty
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Favourite FF soundtrack so far
Well, isn't this a departure in style in every way, from past FFs! I have to say that while I enjoy listening to nearly every track by itself, I find that the album in its entirety might be leaning a little too heavily on the drama. Which feels like complaining about Mahler's symphonies for being so long, but its my one point of negative criticism. Other than that, it's all great! Thank you, Shimomura and the others!
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Trip Down Memory Lane
As the review title suggests, this 2-disc soundtrack can bring back fond memories for anyone who's ever played a Super Mario game in their lives. Spanning the franchise's history from the very beginning up to Super Mario Maker (a bonus track), it serves as a musical testament to what has made Super Mario such an endearing and universally recognised franchise.

A definite purchase for any Mario fan, and a worthy addition to any video game fan collection.
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A stellar soundtrack; the music is beautiful even out of the game context and in fact, listening to it makes you feel like you're back in that world once more. Definitely worth the price.
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