Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Original Soundtrack [Remastered Edition]

Version: Japan
Audio CD
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Product Features

  • 2 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
01. Echoing Memories
02. Morning Sky
03. Serenity
04. Today Comes to Be Tomorrow
05. The Village Where It Began (Remaster Version)
06. Caravan Crossroad
07. Setting Forth (Remaster Version)
08. Clouds in the Mirror River
09. Dusk in a Dream World (Remaster Version)
10. Hammers Thunder in the Pass
11. The Midst of Sorrow's Gloom (Remaster Version)
12. Prosperity and Tradition
13. Tremble, Fiend (Remaster Version)
14. With Three of Us...
15. Oaths Are Forever (Remaster Version)
16. A Story Cut Short
17. My Maggie, My Everything (Remaster Version)
18. Amidatty and Eleanor
19. Promised Grace (Remaster Version)
20. Until That Time Comes
21. Tender Breeze
22. Voice of the Wind, Song of Time (Remaster Version)
23. Enemy Stronghold (Remaster Version)
24. Steel Your Resolve
25. Monster Rondo (Remaster Version)
26. Water of Life (Remaster Version)
27. I'm a Moogle
28. A Face from Bygone Days
29. A Year to Celebrate (Remaster Version)
30. Morning Sky -KAZENONE-

Disc 2
01. Infinite Sky (Remaster Version)
02. Keep Pressing Forward
03. My Home
04. Open Seas Before Me
05. Burning in My Heart (Remaster Version)
06. Set Yourself Free
07. Treasure in the Sands (Remaster Version)
08. Strength in Unity
09. O Light!
10. New Beginnings (Remaster Version)
11. Sorrow Makes Us Stronger
12. A Time to Smile
13. Clear Skies Northward (Remaster Version)
14. Mag Mell
15. Across the Divide
16. Echoing Heart
17. Light and Shadow
18. Never Wanting to Forget
19. Woebegone Creature
20. United, Manifested
21. To the Keepers of the Crystal
22. Eternal Blue (Remaster Version)
23. Moonless Starry Night
24. Water's Melody
25. Moonless Starry Night -HOSHIZUKIYO-
26. Morning Sky ~rewind~
27. Morning Sky -KAZENONE- ~rewind~

Item Description

Original soundtrack to "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster." Contains over 50 tracks on two CDs. Partially features remix/re-manipulated to further refine the sound. Its theme songs "Kazenone" and "Starry Moonlight Night" are newly recorded in full-length versions for this release.

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