Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

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Final Fantasy VIII Original Soundtrack

track listing

1. Liberi Fatali
2. Balamb GARDEN
3. Blue Fields
4. Don't be Afraid
5. The Winner
6. Find Your Way
7. SeeD
8. The Landing
9. Starting Up
10. Force Your Way
11. The Loser
12. Never Look Back
13. Dead End
14. Breezy
15. Shuffle or Boogie
16. Waltz for the Moon
17. Tell Me
18. Fear
19. The Man with the Machine Gun
20. Julia
21. Roses and Wine
22. Junction
23. Timber Owls
24. My Mind
25. The Mission
26. Martial Law
27. Cactus Jack(Galbadian Anthem)
28. Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
30. Galbadia GARDEN
31. Unrest
32. Under Her Control
33. The Stage is Set
34. A Sacrifice
36. Intruders
37. Premonition
38. Wounded
39. Fragments of Memories
40. Jailed
41. Rivals
42. Ami
43. The Spy
44. Retaliation
45. Movin'
46. Blue Sky
47. Drifting
48. Heresy
49. Fisherman's Horizon
50. ODEKA ke Chocobo
51. Where I Belong
52. The Oath
53. Slide Show Part 1
54. Slide Show Part 2
55. Love Grows
56. The Salt Flats
57. Trust Me
58. Silence and Motion
59. Dance with the Balamb-fish
60. Tears of the moon
61. Residents
62. Eyes On Me
63. Mods de Chocobo(featuring N's Telecaster)
64. Ride On
65. Truth
66. Lunatic Pandora
67. Compression of Time
68. The Castle
69. The Legendary Beast
70. Maybe I'm a Lion
71. The Extreme
72. The Successor
73. Ending Theme
74. Overture

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The only good thing that came out of Final Fantasy VIII.
This soundtrack is amazing. Easily one of my top 10 best of all time. Can't say the same about the game itself.
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Good OST, but...
not the best. I think OST from FFVI, FVII, FIX are the best of Uematsu, and the last being the "opera prima" of the saga.
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Pretty good
Not as good as FFVII or FFT soundtracks, but definitely worth getting for Balamb Garden and Liberali Fatali.
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Good soundtrack for a good game!
Lovely soundtrack! But FFVII is still better in my opinion. Nevertheless its still a good one from Nobuo Uematsu! Even the first song Liberi Fatali sounds good!
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I recently managed to find this and it is simply lovely. Well arranged and the orchestral balance done by Uematsu is simply perfect. Definately something to enjoy in high quality stereo!
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