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Final Fantasy XI - Minagawa Fumio Illustrations

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This book is a collection of illustrations and comic books of Final Fantasy XI which Illustrator Fumio Minagawa drawn from 2004 to 2018, in one volume.Sources are various such as official illustrations, books, magazines, goods illustrations, private works, but in this book, they are divided into seven chapters by contents and are published separately.

Chapter 1: Chapter of Adventurers
Illustrations contributed to the special feature articles of magazines, illustrations of capture articles, and other player characters adventurers are gathered.

Chapter 2: Chapter of NPC
Gathered illustrations depicting the unique NPCs (non-player characters) that appear in the story of "Final Fantasy XI".

Chapter 3: Idol Fighters Mumoru no chapter
Gathered the official illustration of the idol warrior that appeared in the Asamisu Festival held in the game Azusuzu festival and illustrations of mumoru and uka.

Chapter 4: The Love Sky Cicadas 1, 2, 3 chapter
Gathered all the stories and outdoor versions of the manga Love's empty cicadas 1, 2, 3 serialized with Vana deal communication, and illustrations of the appearing character.

Chapter 5: chapter of novelize work
In the "Final Fantasy XI" novelize work, collected cover illustrations and illustrations handmade by Fumio Minagawa.

Chapter 6: Chapter of Etcetra
Gathered a variety of works such as illustrations of not-for-sale goods, illustrations used in the video content Vana TV, comic works, and correlation diagrams of setting materials collections.

Chapter 7: Rough sketch chapter
Gathered the character setting picture of the novelization work and the rough sketch of the illustration published in this book.

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