Final Fantasy XV Ultimania Battle + Map Side

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  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One

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Play out the next generation battle and the vast open world

[SECTION 1 · Battle character]
In addition to covering the attack method and pattern of consecutive attacks of Noktis, the battle action of the fellows is thoroughly analyzed.

[SECTION 2 · Battle system]
In addition to the commentary of all actions that can be performed during the battle, Also introduces magic refinement information. How to get a step into the battle Lecture

[SECTION 3 · Items]
How to obtain equipment and items such as weapons & costumes, effects, parameters, etc. All detailed data such as parameters

[SECTION 4 · Elimination request]
Subtermination request that can be ordered in various places Cheats. Not only the rewards and habitats can be seen at a glance, but also useful advice can be posted.

[SECTION 5 · Sealed doors]
Reveal the depths of sealed doors that exist around the world. While explaining the way to the innermost part, also introduce measures for dealing with strong foes.

[SECTION 6 · Enemy]
Action data of all enemies that appear, resistance, part, booty, appearance place, etc. are shown at once-

SECTION 7 · map ]
All the world map, such as the base of Rucis whole area, shop information, item acquisition spot, etc. are posted here, trophy & results in the complete guide, battle team interview, development staff Q & A and setting picture.
The poster includes a large-scale map with a glance at the whole Lucis area and a special CG depicting Noctis and Luna Frena.
★ Fully compatible with crown updates

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