Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Product Features

  • Execute your attack! Plan your strategy to take advantage of your strengths and exploit your enemy’s weaknesses. Guide your soldiers carefully, because if they fall in battle, they’re gone forever!
  • Command dozens of soldiers on the field, from the familiar pegasus knights and cavaliers to brand-new units like the mage knights, who wield both weapons and wizardry in battle.
  • Discover new ways to improve your army! Take on all-new monster battles and the Tower of Valni, with floor after floor of challenging fights, to gain the experience your soldiers need to master their skills.
  • As your soldiers increase in skill, you’ll be able to choose between multiple classes to customize your army and master your perfect strategy! Will your cavalier become a paladin, or will he sacrifice speed for power and become a great knight? The choice is yours!

Item Description

For generations, the nations of Magvel have lived in perfect peace. Now, defying all reason, the Grado Empire has invaded neighboring Renais. Twin heirs to the throne of Renais, Eirika and Ephraim fight to free their kingdom and uncover the secret behind their former ally’s treachery in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones.

As with the previous Fire Emblem, there are legions of unique character classes in the game: Each character has a unique set of skills, shaping the way in which you play the game. You can decide which characters to use, giving you more control over your strategic approach. This game includes brand-new character classes and introduces a new way of changing your character classes, opening up new strategic possibilities: Players can choose how to develop their characters and what types of units to focus on.

New units include the axe-wielding great knight; the summoner, who can call monsters into battle; the mage knight, who can use both weapons and magic; and many more. For the first time, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones features some traditional fantasy monsters, from skeletons to zombies, from gargoyles to gorgons – these monsters generate new challenges for experienced players.

Taking a cue from traditional role-playing games, this installment of Fire Emblem gives players the opportunity to gain experience and build their units’ levels endlessly by fighting in new monster battles. As a result, the game not only gives new players the opportunity to practice and improve, but also gives advanced players the chance to develop their characters to suit their playing styles. This feature gives players of this Fire Emblem much more flexibility in developing their units.

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SRPG at its finest
A great story along side with a already solid and proven gameplay that is fun and challenging make this title very difficult to put down once you start playing it.

Arena, overworld map and side missions are some of the new features found in this installment of Fire Emblem which gives players more freedom to do other things other than keep moving forward with the storyline.

Classic GBA game; get it if you get the chance.
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I Can\'t tell the people out there what they are missing if they don\'t play this game do you like rpg? do you like strategy? do you lika many characters and a great story!? then this is what you want!!!! I can put my life at it! you will play this fpr hours i bought it as fast as it came out in japan. i shipped it couse\' i live in sweden but damn still today i play it! this is just to great never count fire emblem out!
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Though I have been playing games for over 15 years, I haven\'t played any of the previous fire emblem games before I played this, and it was definitely a good start. I never thought that I would be addicted to a gameboy game, but I was wrong!

This is definitely a must-buy for anyone who owns a gba or DS.
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Worthy of the Fire Emblem name? YES!!!
This game is a worthy addition to the FE series. With all new features such as the Training Areas and Creature Campaign, this game has the replayability of no other. Definitely worth the price, I loved the game!
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Fire Emblem series = addictive substance
buying this game will ensure that you will lose your job, fail your courses in universities, get you suspended from school etc...but is it worth it?

of course it is....get this game right now
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