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Language  Korean
Subtitles  English, Chinese (Traditional)

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  • Theatrical Trailer

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全職棒球運動員李煥 (李民基 飾)因打假波令事業直插谷底,及後投靠釜山勢力最大的「皇帝財務」老闆鄭長河(朴星雄 飾),對手下講義氣,但對經營的生意和金錢都別有用心,儘管身邊兄弟對李煥甚有微言,處事冷靜的鄭長河仍用心栽培李煥,令他伺機以待可以上位。
及後李煥遇上夜總會老闆娘池妍秀(李泰琳 飾) ,性感撩人的姿態為李煥提供唯一的安慰和容身之所,不惜賭上一切,希望在慾望世界出人頭地…

Lee Hwan (LEE Min-ki), once a rising professional pitcher, is kicked out of the game he loves when he is caught in a match-rigging scheme. Without a place to call home, he has hit rock bottom, until he reluctantly joins Hwangje Group, a large mob that has its hand in private loan, online gambling and real estate businesses. He is noticed right away by Hwangje Capital's boss Sang-ha (PARK Sung-woong) and quickly rises up the ranks.
When it comes to business, Sang-ha is cold blooded, but he treats his men like family and offers infinite loyalty and respect. He instinctively realizes Lee Hwan's boundless potentials and begins to groom him, despite objections from his men.
Only the strongest and fittest survives in this unjust world. Backed by Sang-ha??s confidence in him, Lee Hwan slowly grows his responsibilities and unleashes his explosive ambition?

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