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一套感動全球觀眾的電影《人魚的童話》─ 在海洋被捕獲的殺人鯨威利,困在西北冒險公園裡一個細小的水族缸中,終日悶悶不樂。而自小被遺棄的街童傑西 (積臣占士里治達 飾) 對威利失去家人的經歷感同身受。一次,傑西為了躲避警察追捕,溜進西北冒險公園遇上威利,彼此竟能以心靈溝通,並建立了一份不可思議的友誼…他們誓要衝破 重重難關,尋找一個真正屬於自己的家!

Audiences around the world were touched by this story of a troubled boy and the captive orca whale he befriends.
Captured at sea and confined in a small tank at an aquatic park, Willy (Keiko the orca whale) is an unhappy and unpredictable attraction. No one understands Willy - except a scruffy street kid named Jesse ( Jason James Richter) - who knows what it's like to be without a family. Together these two form a special so strong that they're willing to risk it all to find a way home!

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