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Compatible with PlayStation 4™ (PS4™)
Version: Asia
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Product Languages

Language  English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese
Furwind [Limited Edition]
Furwind [Limited Edition]
Furwind [Limited Edition]
Furwind [Limited Edition]
Furwind [Limited Edition]
Furwind [Limited Edition]
Furwind [Limited Edition]

Product Features

  • Guide a little fox in his adventure to defeat forces that are devastating the Forest
  • Complete the different episodes, exploring levels full of life and color with a unique pixel art style
  • Navigate dangerous areas, filled with traps and risky characters!
  • Use your powers to reach inaccessible places, heal your wounds, and bring destruction to your enemies
  • Enjoy an inspiring OST with ambient and atmospherics sound effects that bring life to the world you’re exploring

Item Description

Furwind is a colorful, pixel art style, action-platformer game that evokes the challenging classics of the gaming days of past. Embark on this epic adventure in which a little fox will fight the ominous darkness that is invading its homeland.

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Furwind [Limited Edition] PS4
Very sweet so far, better than expected.
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Furwind is a pretty game
I nave bought immediately Furwind because is very pretty andò fun , you are a little fox wants TO save its lovely foresta from a evil presente.IT a simple ,colourful platform ,not very long or hard but not Boring or too short . I say that a good game ,finally.
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Fun game
It is a great platformer.
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A really good furry game
I just received both games (PS4 & Vita) and i am really happy with my purchase; Furwind is a good game and diserves all the Love it received.
Of course there are some little misteps here and there but overall that's a must own if you like old school platformers.
I must say that when the Play-Asia edition was announced i fell in love with Furwind thanks to the videos i watched to see if i would pre-order the game, and when i started to play, from the get go, it's not without a twinge that i realized that my new Fox friend felt kind of heavy (when it moves) and i didn't anticipated that, but once you get used to it, you are only left with the enjoyment of the experience. The only other thing that got me thinking "it's too bad" is that the game seems really short, it seems to have 3 World maps (divided with several little levels in each) but i got through the first world in a little more than 1 hour; On top of that, the lack of lives, à la Die & Retry, shortens even more the adventure as you won't get any "game over" screen unlike what was done in the 8-16 bits era.
On the other hand, the artistic direction is really good and cute, even on a big screen (but on the Vita, OLED screen, we're in a bliss) , the pixel art choice is perfect. Sometimes the music can be really great (i love the theme in the third level where a shadowy wall with hands is chasing you), and you can enjoy it thanks to the OST that is in the box.
The Overall presentation is charming, from the spoken gibberish by the characters, the Art-Direction, the little shards of humor, the upgrade system of our little Hero, the powers to unlock etc... It's a game that diserved the physical release (or else i would have never played it), Thank you Play-Asia for supporting the little games (gems) and bringing them to the world by giving them a physical embodiment for our great pleasure.
Don't hesitate if you like platformers from the 16 bits era (and have the opportunity to find it).
Have a good gaming day ;)
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